Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dear Editor,

I am concerned that after Ken Morrison soundly defeated Phil Fitzgerald in the Democratic primary that rumors are flying around that he and some of Phil’s little political operation had planned all along to win by having Morrison lose a residency lawsuit in district court.

I had heard this rumor before the primary more than once, but when I saw how different and anemic and pathetic Phil’s campaign was compared to his efforts in the past, I began to believe it.

Now I have heard the name C.T. “Rusty? Hight connected to this rumor. Now I am worried. All a person can hope for is fairness and being treated the same way anyone else would be, but now I have heard that Kenny could have to appear before District Judge Rusty Hight if there is a question about his residency. Now how fair would that be? With rumors about Hight and Fitzgerald being part of the same political operation, or at a minimum being members of the same Democratic Party for decades, my first reaction was that Hight would have to excuse himself and a visiting Judge would have to handle the case. But it has been brought to my attention that he did not step out of a case involving one of the people that writes for Liberty Dispatch despite evidence that any normal human being would be prejudice in the case. If Hight will not acknowledge his judgment could be influenced because his Father-in Law hates a defendant appearing before him and if Hight wants the public to believe he could be fair in sitting in judgment over someone who has publicly and aggressively opposed him and his politics, then it seems to me he would have no trouble in sitting in judgment over a case from which his political group need a certain outcome.

I hope these rumors are all nonsense, but even though I know you are a Republican I can tell you Kenny Morrison is a very smart, very likeable, very capable person that does not have the baggage that every other candidate will have to carry through the election season. He will be good for the county.

I am appealing to you to post this and to help make sure this race is fair and square even if it involves helping a Democrat.


A Citizen with a Common Cause - Just Courts

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dear LD Readers

Liberty Dispatch at different times during this primary election season listed support for Mayor Steve Stephens and for Craig McNair for County Judge. Anyone that reads this site is probably surprised by any flip flopping like this that they see because it is so rare. But the fact of the matter is that Liberty Dispatch believes these two candidates would be good County Judges and that all three are better equipped to serve the county than either of the Democrats that ran. Rather than feel pressed to pick a favorite in a situation like this, next time we will just list all three. We wish the primary winner well and we are thankful for the two gentlemen who were courageous enough to run for public office. Our community can be proud to have men like this who are willing and very capable to serve the public.

Liberty Dispatch Staff

Letter to the Editor: Liberty County Republican Chairman

Mr. McCreight,

I want to thank you for running and reinvigorating the local Republican Party. I am sure some people are disappointed because they liked the man you defeated, but when the dust clears all of us that want to promote conservative values should be behind you.

Nothing personal but the core group of people who were in charge here locally were nothing like the chairman and the workers we had where I am from. Their interests were not always focused on actually helping Republican candidates win elections.

At one point I questioned whether or not our party leaders knew more than a few little things about running a campaign. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative because I am sure they worked hard and did what they knew to do. I know that it sounds strange for me to be critical of their leadership because a few candidates were starting to win for the first time in this county’s recent history. But the fact of the matter is that Republicans in this county really should have won more elections last time. Your Democrats around here have been like the Three Stooges the last four or five years.

I knew if you knew more about campaigns than them you would win. This chairman had high name identification because of his years of service in the most populated area in the county, his run for county judge, and his two terms as county chairman. But with all of those advantages he and his team didn’t seem to know much about politics and you beat him. You know what you are doing.

When you talked about why you were a Republican and what these elections are about, you were easy for me to promote with all of my friends, I am sure they join me in congratulating you and looking forward to even greater success for the Republican Party here in Liberty County.

A Devoted Conservative

PRESS RELEASE: Liberty County Republican Chairman, Andy McCreight


Liberty County I would like to say thank you for voting for and electing me as your Liberty County Republican Chairman…but I think that it sounds a little conceded for man to think that a small town unknown like me could win your confidence and expect you to vote for Andy McCreight.

I know in my heart why you voted the way you did. It was to send a message to the National Democrat Party that you are tired of the “Change That We Can Believe In” but instead we have been delivered into an age of sorrow and mediocrity.

The Conservative message of getting the Government the hell out of our lives is the message that I believe the voters of Liberty County delivered today.

I pledge to lead according to your direction. I pledge to help elect Candidates that are Conservative. I pledge to work hard and at the same time I expect you, the people, to give us your support as we dig in and Take Back America!

God Bless America and God Bless Liberty County!


Andy McCreight
Liberty County Republican Chairman

Congratulations Andy, God Bless and God Speed to you and your family- Ray Akins

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Liberty Dispatch Supporters and Others Win Big Tonight!

Tonight history was made when 253rd Judge, Chap Cain was re-elected and relatively unknown Liberty County Republican Chairman candidate, Andy McCreight was elected over two term Republican Chair and prior County Judge candidate, Lester Ray Wisegerber. Accusations have swirled around Wisegerber's ethics, TRUST FRAUD, retaliation through his son-in-law's court and party allegiance. Liberty Dispatch readers, supporters and others have spoken.

Liberty Dispatch is proud to have supported and now welcomes Judge, Chap Cain and Chairman, Andy McCreight as winners and Republicans. Liberty County will be a much better place because of these two outstanding individuals who will help usher in a new dawning in Liberty County, by the people and for the people.

Liberty Dispatch ask that Liberty County as a whole support these two people in their quest to help make Liberty County be a better place for us all...

Liberty Dispatch would also like to thank all the other Republican candidates for their efforts and hard work, winners and losers alike.

To the Democrat losers, tough luck... McDonalds is hiring!

A special thank you to Mr. Richard Pegues and Mr. Ray Akins  for your help and perseverance, in pursuit of the Republican cause.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Thanks Ray

The Primary Election is upon us. The Early Voting totals are amazing. Could anyone have ever imagined the large voter turnout much less the gigantic stampede to the cast a vote in the Republican Primary?

The Republican Party Candidates are a representation of the voters of Liberty County. They are an amazing group. They are people who have stepped out of the shadows and are willing to take the political beating that comes with the territory in politics.

I want to thank all of them and their families for giving their time and for their willingness to become a part of the political process in our county. After the Primary is over and the votes are counted, it is my sincere hope that Republican voters and our family of candidates will become very focused on the upcoming election in November. The local elections are the grass-root representation of the State and National Parties and with the monumental change towards conservatism that is happening in our country, we will be a part of the sweeping ideological movement that will occur in November.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ray Akins for providing us with a forum for free speech and a macrocosm of ideas. In the past, we have had a one-sided democrat-spin oriented presentation of political speech in our county. It is my hope that with the advent of the internet as a communication and idea rendering device that the rest of the local news media will begin to act as true journalist: giving the details and letting the people figure out their own opinions about issues. If not, they will continue their downward spiral of insignificance.

Thank you Ray Akins,

Andy McCreight

From Ray: Its always a pleasure to help further our cause. Thank you for the kind words, Im sure the corrupt and Democrats dont share your feelings.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Early voting totals for Liberty County, Texas

The overwhelming tide of anti-corruption sentiment in Liberty County has brought out the voters in large numbers.

Exit polls in Liberty County also note the fact most voters are voting anti-incumbent.

The number totals for Liberty County County voting are... Republican votes 2461 and Democrat votes 818.

There still may be hope for Liberty County...