Thursday, March 25, 2010

HELL NO! That’s What He Said!

I officially have a new hero! Minority Leader John Boehner is stepping up to the plate as a leader and growler of the National Republican Party.

It is wonderful to see the passion that Republican Leaders are exhibiting in an effort to champion the cause of Freedom by telling the Democrat Party we are not going to buy into their Socialist Reformation.

There have been voices out there who have challenged the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid reign of terror in the past few months (It seems as though the Obama Administration has been in power for much longer than a year) but the fervor of patriotism is being ramped up to a level that I never thought could be achieved. I believe that we can now understand how the Founders of this Country felt when they realized what a blessing the formation of the United States was for the patriots who were alive during those early years.

It is becoming quite obvious that the only way for the American people to awaken out of this political nightmare is to find a message, communicate that message, and continue to energize opposition to the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid tyrannical take-over of the American way of life.

The message is quite easy to identify. We need to elect Conservatives in the upcoming November Election. We need to ask for the help of and assimilate the Tea Party Supporters, Independents, and any other freedom loving political group to unite in a concentrated effort to repeal the recently passed Health Care Bill.

This concentrated effort needs to emanate from the Bottom Up. The only way to change back the hand of time in November is to identify and elect Conservative Candidates from the local level up to and including National and State Congressmen and Women.
Time is of the essence. Set your heart on fire and become involved in the political war that is going to occur during the few months remaining before the November Election.

Posted By: Andy McCreight

Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Passes

With absolutely no bipartisan support for the much-maligned Obamacare bill, the Democrats finally pushed the controversial piece of (crap) legislation through the House of Representatives at nearly 11 p.m. on Sunday night with a final vote of 219-212.

There remain a few procedural votes and the reconciliation process in the Senate to overcome, but for all intents and purposes, Obama will sign the bill and that will be that.

Where does the GOP go next? Is the rallying cry for November "To Repeal!"?

Commentary: This "historic" vote was purely a straight line Democrat vote. What the Democrats have done to Republicans who are against the health care bill fiasco is this... they have soundly rammed this bill down our throats. Hopefully Texas and other states will sue the Federal Government to reverse the damage Democrats have done. What the Federal Government has done to us is a lot like what Bruce Stratton, Charles Kammerling and Picket have done to us via the Liberty County Hospital District and their related fraudulent front corporations. Come this November, we need to send a strong message to the Liberty County Democrat Party, one that will be heard all the way to Washington!

Because of being taxed by the Liberty Hospital District and now Obama's health care, Liberty county residents are going to pay for indigent care twice. Obamacare substitutes everything the Liberty Hospital District claims it does for the taxpayers. Since Obamacare has passed, it makes the Liberty Hospital District obsolete and even more of a ripoff.

Ray Akins

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Liberty County, the time is now to stop what is called “Good Ole Boy” politics. I know for a select few this style of local government includes a really sweet deal for them. The problem is, they are the ones who don’t need any special treatment. Whether it is a permit that was signed off on, for something that was not done that was supposed to be, or an unfair bidding process that took place, it is just plain wrong. Take for instance the FEMA fraud allegations. Yes, they are the most public of the allegations at this time, but we have all heard rumors of much more of this kind of misbehavior. The whole process that took place with the FEMA money stinks and more than that it is, the selfish disregard for the law and for taxpayer money that bothers the majority among us.

With FEMA, all they had to do while going through the bidding was to excuse themselves from the bidding process due to a conflict of interest if there was a friend or relative involved. It was that simple. Then these particular allegations would not have been raised. Was it that they think they are untouchable or that no one would notice? We may never know the answers to these questions. There are rules and laws set forth by the local, state and federal governments that need to be followed. We all have heard how for years some of our local politicians have not honored these rules or followed the law. These rules were set forth by our Forefathers so that everyone could get a fair shake. It should not matter:

· Who you are.

· What clique you’re involved with.

· How much money you have.

· What elected office you hold.

All that should matter is that you are an individual created by God the Father Almighty, and that you are no better than anyone else. Most of the people follow these rules. We pay our taxes, and we make Liberty County the great place it is. Shame on those who vote for these people just because they are a special something because their buddy is in office.

Liberty County, it is time for everyone to start following the rules. It is time for everyone to start following the regulations. It is time for everyone to obey the law. It is time to stand up to our governments and not be fearful of retaliation.

I myself condemn the way the IKE cleanup bidding process and money was handled. I encourage the other candidates for office, and the citizens of Liberty County to do the same publicly. I know it may be a little uncomfortable for Charlotte Warner to be more public in expressing her disappointment and outrage with Phil Fitzgerald and Lee Groce because she has had to work closely with them in some of her past dealings, but cleaning up this mess is bigger than Charlotte or me feeling comfortable or either of us winning in this primary. This election is about changing the way the commissioner does business in all of our names. It is about defeating Lee Groce and if she will not speak out publicly in the media now and denounce the way Lee and Phil have handled all of this, then she may have a hard time criticizing people she has been close to in the general election.

It is time for new leadership. It is time to start healing our black eye of alleged corruption and allow the sun to shine through on the place we call home. We should not have to have a news reporter from Houston come to our County and open our eyes to something we know has been going on all along. We need to leave this County better than we found it. We need this community to be a place where our young people want to return.

We want this area to be a place where our children want to return, because it upholds and insists on the values we want our Grandchildren to learn.

Marcus Brand

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