Friday, April 09, 2010


A few days ago Liberty Dispatch told its readers that “in the spirit of fair play” they were inviting Steve Stephens to “defend himself” against Democrats and all other detractors’ charges. Liberty Dispatch made it clear we did not want to take sides in the run-off but we did want Stephens to have an opportunity to defend himself against the deluge of last minute negative comments that are causing Republicans to get angry with each other. Stephens declined and now we must ask the question: How does his refusal to answer questions about his management of taxpayer money affect, not only the County Judge's race, but the Republicans running in November?

Since we have made that offer we have had a deluge of a different kind of comment from our readers. We have decided those comments merit action from us. Basically, some of our readers have pointed out that regardless of whether a voter is a Steve Stephens’ supporter or a Craig McNair supporter, if you want to see Republicans win in November “we can not afford to nominate a candidate who either has no defense of his actions or refuses to defend his actions.” Liberty Dispatch believes that is more than just a legitimate point of view. We believe Stephens’ silence on the issues that have been the subject of such hot public controversy in the last few days could hurt the entire Republican ticket.

Liberty Dispatch is certain that the recent criticism of Stephens’ comes from places beyond the campaign of his run-off opponent, Craig McNair. Democrats have enjoyed stirring this up and they have enjoyed watching the party split over the Stephens’ allegations. The Democrats have nominated a candidate that will need every negative thing possible to be said about Republicans in order to even have a chance of running a close race. We believe that Stephens’ lack of response should ultimately raise Republican primary voters’ antennas and should cause them to vote for Craig McNair. We also believe Democrats who are voting in the Republican primary to cause chaos will vote for Steve Stephens because they know their party will benefit across the ballot by the questions Stephens has left unanswered for all of these months.

Liberty Dispatch tried to maintain an open mind and not take sides between Craig McNair and Steve Stephens. In an effort to do the best thing for the Republican Party and be fair to both candidates, Ray Akins contacted Mayor Stephens and shared concerns about how his actions and his silence could affect every Republican on the ballot in November. Akins reiterated his offer to give Stephens unedited space to respond to all of the allegations as he explained the potential for something like this to infect every campaign on the Republican side of the ballot. Stephens told Akins he did not need to respond because he "has done nothing wrong".

We believe voters deserved to get to hear how Stephens responded to these allegations before deciding who they wanted to nominate. These allegations will not go away the day after the run-off is settled. These allegations will be pushed even harder by Democrats this summer and in the fall if Stephens is the nominee. They will not even go away if Dayton receives reimbursement somehow. Accusations that Stephens should have bid the FEMA contracts and that he should not have given them to friends are serious allegations. Stories about how Stephens almost made a point to NOT to get along with the FEMA people and that if Dayton gets the over one million dollars in reimbursement that they need, it will be because FEMA felt sorry for the community having a leader like Stephens are being told as far north as Cleveland and as far east as Devers. Stephens needed to explain to those who will decide who will be our next County Judge that what he did during the aftermath of the storm was not only the legally correct way to handle FEMA and storm recovery contracts, but that it was the BEST way to handle it. Even if reimbursement occurs, voters deserve to hear how these questions are answered.

Some of Stephens’ supporters responded to their candidate being pressed for answers by criticizing Craig McNair’s campaign contributions, but that will not help calm the fears that some Republicans have. There is nothing unusual in McNair’s financial disclosure. In fact the last time we checked the Democrats’ nominee, Ken Morrison, has a great deal more of what some are saying McNair has on his financial disclosure. When last we checked, with the exception of Morrison’s contributions to himself, ALL of his campaign contributions are from outside of the county. $1,000 from Steve Kass, a self employed estimator from Dickinson. $100 from Francis Harrison of Huckley Texas and four more small contributions from people who live in counties other than Liberty County are listed in Morrison campaign contributions. Republicans are not vulnerable in this area. McNair will not lose the County Judge’s race or affect other races because of his campaign finance report.

Mr. Stephens, we assured you that you could have answered your critics unedited on this site, and we also encouraged you to respond somewhere – though we believe it would have been wise to respond here. We would have posted your comments for Liberty Dispatch readers. Undecided voters would have been a whole lot more likely to react positively to your explanation than to your supporters attacking Mr. McNair. If your explanation was judged by our readers to be acceptable, we believe that the number of votes you got in the primary would have been an indication you would probably win this run-off. But your lack of an explanation leaves the Republican Party vulnerable to a constant drumbeat of corruption or incompetence in November …… as a result we believe you and the Republican Party are better off if Craig McNair wins.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Do What?

Did I understand what I think I heard concerning the option of nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear attack from other Nations?

Did I understand Mr. Gates to say that the response of the Obama Administration to a nuclear attack would be conventional warfare?

The continual attack on our Capitalist Economy and the stripping away of the power of our military options has to indicate that the Socialist of the Democrat Party are so far out of step with the majority of Americans that it will result in a near complete political removal of Democrat Officeholders in November 2010.

The American people are smart enough to realize that a continual movement toward a Socialist Marxist ideological government will result in a populace that becomes subservient to its political leaders. This is exactly opposite of the intent of the Founders of this great Country. They were opposed to taxation without representation. They were opposed to their subjection of a non-personal freedom way of life. There is no difference in the Democrat Party of today than the Tyrannical form of government that early Americans had to endure.

The interesting thing about the Political upheaval that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are undertaking is that it happened early in the Obama first term and has been rejected by a majority of the people of the United States. Had President Obama, Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid maintained an incremental dismantling of the American Way of Life, they could have accomplished their Socialist Marxist goals.

I am thankful that they could not control their far-left ideological brains and that the people of this Country had an opportunity to see their real motives.

I am thankful that on a local scale that the people of Liberty County are now seeing the hidden agenda of the Democrat Party and are undergoing a wholesale rejection of what they are witnessing.

Posted By: Andy McCreight

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Liberty County Courts- A perspective...

After considering the two remaining local races for judges in our courthouse here in Liberty County, I have become increasingly concerned about the outcome in November. President Obama is doing things on an ongoing basis that should remind us all of how important choosing judges and political leaders is.

Please consider what our Democratic President feels is a legitimate use of our justice system. One of my biggest concerns now that we have seen over a year of President Obama in action is not his rhetoric but his willingness to pervert justice in the courts to get what he wants. He is too political in using his influence on our courts. Two examples of how the courts have been used to promote Obama’s own prejudice and politics out of a growing list of such court manipulation. The Obama justice department has dropped the prosecution of black thugs caught on camera stationed outside a polling place intimidating voters and he has promoted to the Supreme Court a circuit judge who dismissed a discrimination lawsuit by white firefighters, whose case the Supreme Court later accepted and ruled in their favor. There is a growing list of better examples, but part of my point is to say we are not immune to similar abuse and prejudice influence by our own officeholders.

I was amazed when I first heard about Democratic County Judge Phil Fitzgerald openly using the courts to forgive his friend and business associate Glenn Vickery in a DUI case that was so well known by the public. It made me wonder what goes on in our courts when the cases are not involving someone so well known. But more amazing than that were the efforts we are already hearing by Democrats and allies of Zack Zbranek to make that whole business about Zack’s Republican opponent in the race for County Court at Law Judge. While the Republican candidate was an employee trying to do the best he could with a situation Democrats had created, Zbranek’s Democratic comrades were trying to use the courts for their own purposes.

There is a tremendous difference in the two accusations. While I believe Zbranek’s Republican opponent, Tommy Chambers, should possibly file a lawsuit on Fitzgerald, Zbranek supporters seem to dismiss the abuse of office and the abuse of Chambers as an employee and skip right to using the courts as a tool for political gain. Instead of hammering Chambers, a candidate for the court that was bypassed by Fitzgerald should have publicly denounced the County Judge’s behavior. But rather than criticize his fellow Democrat, Zbranek seems content to sit back and watch the whole affair to be perverted into some kind of hammer to beat his opponent with. It is outrageous. Like President Obama, it seems these politicians expect voters to listen to their “twisted tales” and to encourage public misperceptions. This attitude seems like the same kind that allows selective prosecution from the Liberty County District Attorney’s office, based on political and personal considerations in our courts.

Potentially making matters even worse for citizens of our county, Zack Zbranek is kinfolk to questionable incumbent, District Judge Rusty Hight, who is up for re-election this November. Two family members sitting on two of the three benches in our courthouse is not something most of us are comfortable with. As we have observed how the hero of their political party, Barack Obama continues to influence the courts to consider how they can make political gains by perverting the rule of law and due process and the obvious use of selective prosecution, I urge fellow citizens to listen to accounts of friends and neighbors of how these men have conducted certain key cases in our courtrooms which are indeed questionable. The potential for major problems by electing these two men is beyond dangerous.

Their behavior is far more dangerous than giving a break to one of their friends that was stopped for weaving on the road after taking prescription drugs. Having the power to rule on cases that effect the lives of not only our neighbors, but with the use of selective prosecution and the tendency to involve their politics, to rule on cases that could be drummed up on us or our children or our friends or anyone they perceive as a threat to their agenda is serious business. These kinds of things happen and we never know much about it until it happens to someone we care about.
Looking at just one example to show how far this Hight-Zbranek group has the potential to go to win just requires re-visiting the recent past. Please recall the media accounts of the case Hight got in ethical trouble for several years ago. It involved the custody of a child. Hight changed court documents to affect the outcome of that court case. Had he not been caught, it could have prejudiced a jury into a different ruling on the custody of a small child. But Hight was caught! The woman that would have been deprived of due process came forward during Hight’s first attempt to elevate himself to the position of District Judge and he lost that race. Perhaps the poor woman was shocked or maybe she was just tired of the public attention when Hight had the audacity to run again, but she did not campaign against him. He won in his second bid. As a result we have a District Judge that we should all be aware of has a past that indicates the lengths and the depths he will go to get his way. His disrespect for the law and due process and people’s rights is a matter of record.

How dare these people stand in judgment of the way Chambers handled Fitzgerald’s lack of integrity and disrespect for the law! How dare these political animals question anyone’s integrity, especially someone that though he was an employee, still had guts enough to set the Vickery case for re-filing! How dare them accuse Chambers of not being political enough to avoid the “deals” democrats send his way! We want to elect someone who is not as politically minded as these people.

These people are asking us to worry about people getting a break on misdemeanors while we ought to be more worried about innocent people getting railroaded by biased rulings or false or altered documents. Fitzgerald, the real initiator of the cause they have highlighted, was defeated at the polls. Now we must concern ourselves with the family that would ask us to trust our courts to them. They are tough campaigners and we can all prepare to be disgusted with their future political mudslinging, but we must not allow their politics to infect our justice system any more.

Concerned Republican

Dear Liberty Dispatch

I have been personally opposed to not only the forming of the hospital district, but also the hardball politics that ultimately created the unpopular district to begin with. I won’t waste the readers’ time by recounting the politics of it or the arrogant big shot insiders who have colluded to force this taxing entity on us.

But I will remind those who read Liberty Dispatch of how right you people were to fight this. Now that millions of dollars have been snatched out of the hands of taxpayers’ against their wills it is time for election number three (remember the arrogant big shots lost the first election, changed the hospital district lines a little, and won when a worn out public failed to show up at the polls).

The people who perpetrated this whole scenario told the public that those unfortunate enough to find themselves within the second set of hospital district boundary lines that they must provide a way to pay for indigent healthcare. It must be paid for by this community because whether the indigent get it healthcare in our emergency room or in Galveston, this community will be held financially responsible.

With the combination of righteous sounding “do-the-right thing” philanthropic rhetoric mixed with a little legal jargon to pre-empt any debate, these people crammed this thing down our throats. They have bought buildings and they have formed private corporations in the meantime. But the fact of the matter is the whole thing is unnecessary now, The federal government has rescued us from the strong arming tactics of our local political politicians. We now have ObamaCare. We now have eliminated the overriding reason given for this hospital scheme/nightmare.

So Liberty Dispatch I am asking you to post this letter if you are still against this whole affair. I know it is only a victory over the local schemers because I know Liberty Dispatch and its conservative readers are sick that taxpayers have been ignored and are being forced to pay for ObamaCare. We must eliminate the district so we get one of the two hands that are deep down in our pockets sucking the life out of our paychecks. Just remember, Bruce Stratton, Picket’s, Zbranek’s and Kamerling are killing us all a slow financial death, one brought on by the hospital district.

Monday, April 05, 2010


According to experts, the 2010 November national election should favor Republicans in a way that it seldom has in history. Predictions like that helped to make it easy for local Republicans to fill their ballot full of candidates and get workers excited about the coming election. Larry Wilburn was one of those candidates and one of those workers that signed up to hopefully usher in some more historic victories in Liberty County.

But Larry Wilburn’s decision to run as a Republican and to help the local Republican party is not something borne out of the expert predictions of success. Wilburn was one of the true believers many years ago who ran as a Republican and helped other Republicans in off years because he believed in Reagan conservatism. He prepared to become a Justice of the Peace years ago in hopes that he could defeat the odds and beat Judge Pruitt despite the countywide tendency to elect Democrats. Wilburn has spent years preparing to one day serve the public and be the best JP he can be. He spent years promoting and working for other conservatives in hopes of changing the political culture in Liberty County. He is more than qualified; he is prepared to do a great job.

Larry will never have to answer the question about why he keeps running for this job with an expectation to win. The incumbent Democrat opponent did the same thing when he was younger. And after years of preparing to become JP, Judge Pruitt finally one day won the position he had worked so hard to fill. This year Judge Pruitt is thought to have drawn more opponents because he is near 80 years old and the anti-Democrat Party sentiment that has swept much of the country.

But though Liberty Dispatch will not go so far as to say Larry Wilburn is owed the nomination, we will remind voters that Wilburn has helped to build this party and to keep it alive while others were doing their own thing. Wilburn has the potential to be a great JP. He has run clean and spirited campaigns and since this will be the first one that any Republican had a realistic chance of defeating Judge Pruitt, we believe it sends a positive message about working hard and sticking to your principles even when you are in the minority. Years ago Judge Pruitt’s dream was realized and now is the time we would like to see Larry Wilburn follow in his footsteps.