Saturday, May 08, 2010


Congratulations to Linda Odom! Linda is now the Vice Chairman of the Liberty County Republican Party.

Linda and her husband Monty have been working in the Republican Party for almost two decades. Their dedication over the years to promoting pro-life issues and a smaller more financially responsible government has helped to build the Republican Party in this county from one that never won into a competitive option for voters. Linda's perspective as as a school teacher and a Mom have been invaluable through the years.

Congratulations to Linda's husband Monty also. Monty is a candidate for Justice of the Peace in the Cleveland area and is now on the Liberty Dispatch list recommending to non-liberal voters that he is the best candidate in that race. Monty is also a Pastor and a very highly thought of member of the Cleveland community. His reputation for honesty and hard work are among many of the reasons a vote for Monty Odom is a vote that you will always be proud of.

Besides the Odoms, congratulations to Charlotte Warner and her victory in the run-off for the Republican nomination for the Commissioner seat that is currently held by Lee Groce. She won a spirited race with Marcus Brand and showed the kind of toughness often needed when Republicans run against Democrats in this county. Liberty Dispatch is hopeful that voters will make Charlotte Warner the first Republican commissioner in Liberty County in over one hundred years.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Years ago, the local Republican Party was preparing to publicly question the then Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman John Archer’s eligibility to be the head of the majority party in the county because of his relationship to contracts concerning tax collection and the water district. Just days before a press release was going to be sent out by Republicans, Archer announced that Liz Beausoliel would be the new Democratic Party Chairman.

The Beausoliel’s are no stranger to active Republicans. Mark Beausoliel was Assistant County Attorney before running for County Attorney and losing to Tommy Chambers who later lost to Wes Hinch in the general elecion. And Liz Beausoliel is the person paid to manage the Liberty County Law Library and she has been the fearless campaign manager for District Judge C. T. “Rusty” Hight. In addition, Beausoliel is suspected (along with Hight and Zack Zbranek) to be the brain trust that decided to recruit Michelle Merendino to run as a Republican to punish Chap Cain for publicly exposing Democratic County Judge Phil Fitzgerald for the way he handled FEMA money and for running as a Republican.

For a short period of time, Liz Beausoliel served as Chairman before Archer’s wife, Nancy, returned the Chairmanship to the Archer household. Democrats and even some Republicans have noted that Nancy Archer’s leadership through this last election may give her claim to being the best Democratic Party Chairman Liberty County has had since Mary Beth Jamison. Under Nancy’s direction Democrats had the most unpopular national ticket voters have ever seen in Liberty County. Despite Barack Obama’s name at the top of the ballot, local Republicans only won two seats this last election. In Democrat circles Nancy Archer has taken many a bow for doing well under difficult circumstances.

Now rumors have started emerging about an encore as Chairman for Beausoliel, who showed flashes of brilliance as she steered Judge Hight to victory despite the last minute disclosure that, as a lawyer, Hight changed court documents to try and win a custody case and that he was caught and rebuked for his ethics. If Beausoliel becomes the next Chairman she would now inherit an entirely different political climate with the election victory of Andy McCreight as her counterpart in the Republican Party.

For the last four years, Nancy Archer enjoyed an unusually non-confrontational Republican Party whose leadership repeatedly campaigned by saying “it doesn’t matter whether you have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ by your name.” But Republicans rejected Lester Ray Wisegerber in his bid for another term as Republican Party Chairman and it is thought to be because of that motto and his personal relationship to his son-in-law, Democrat District Judge Rusty Hight.

Liberty Dispatch is not predicting a Beausoliel victory, but rumors and her behavior earlier in the year indicate she wants her old job back. Her husband, Mark’s, defeat leaves him at a dead end politically unless he can revive his name through his wife and run years down the line. We predict her strong connections to Hight may still not be enough to put her in position to fill Nancy’s shoes.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

Thanks for filling us all in a little on the Kelly matter. We should all be willing to consider the proposition that he is innocent until proven guilty.

Sheriff Patterson is a different situation however. Though he appears to be innocent of breaking any laws, he is guilty of not handling this situation well and not doing his job.

As a Christian who wants the best for Henry and for the people of this county, I would say that leaves him two choices. Resign or do your job.


(name taken out for obvious reasons)