Friday, July 16, 2010


If nothing else in Liberty County politics is obvious, the changing trend toward voting more for the conservatism we have seen in Austin and away from voting for the liberalism of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama is now prevalent among our citizens. That could mean we continue to elect more Republicans. It could mean voters recognize the corruption and the good ole boy network we have had for years and we are tired of it and we are not going to take it anymore.

But for those of us that fall in any of the above categories, we need to realize in order to make significant strides toward what we consider positive change, one thing must happen. To stop the liberals, the Democrats, the corruption, the good ole boys, or whatever name someone wants to use, they must not have a pipeline to continue their dominance in the courthouse. This will not necessarily happen by electing different clerks or a different county judge or a different commissioner. To put it simply, if Democrats continue to be able to target specific cases and run them through Democratic Judge Rusty Hight's court, they will continue to do what they have done in spite of all the other changes voters have mandated.

There are two district courts in Liberty County. The 253rd District Court race was settled in the primary and voters gave longtime Judge Chap Cain nearly 70% of their votes. Judge Cain has been known for many years as a conservative law in order Judge, but this election his desire to disassociate himself from the economic and legal/policy decisions of Barack Obama caused him to switch parties. His appearance on the Republican Party primary ticket was met with overwhelming acceptance by voters who agreed with his sentiment.

But voters must be aware that Judge Cain's opponent in that Republican primary race was hand picked and promoted by District Judge Rusty Hight who currently sits on the bench of the 75th District Court. Hight failed in his attempt to defeat Judge Cain with a candidate of his own choosing, but that is not the end of the shenanigans going on under and around the black robes of this Judge. Hight's connections in the local Republican Party are now legendary among those who keep up with local politics. But voters became aware of and rejected Hight's father-in-law and his bid to maintain his status as the Republican Party Chairman. Liberty Dispatch and concerned voters were more than concerned when Hight's father-in-law, Lester Wisegerber consistently told voters that "it doesn't matter whether a candidate is a Democrat or Republican". When the only person in the county that was elected to promote Republicans started promoting non-partisanship, voters for the first time in the history of the county ousted an incumbent Republican Party Chairman and Hight is now left unexpectedly going into this election without his family connection on the other side to help out.

Some Hight supporters may have counted on another dirty trick that was played using inside connections. But they must have been more than disappointed when they woke up one morning to Liberty Dispatch's breaking news about another crime in the courthouse. News about someone stealing mail and trying to influence voters to vote for Hight's candidate for District Judge rather than Judge Cain must have shocked any Hight supporters hoping to hear breaking news that would help their side win. Soon it will be revealed this report was about former Democratic Party Chairman Elizabeth Beausoliel's attempt to sling mud on Judge Cain. Speculation ended when videos revealed Beausoliel was in possession of mail stolen from the courthouse mailroom. The public still awaits the results of an FBI investigation which will reveal any other individuals involved in this scandal and will show a lame attempt to falsely accuse Cain of accepting a campaign contribution that went over the legal limit. Beausoliel has been Rusty Hight's campaign manager in the past (though we can all guess that her name will now not appear in his campaign literature).

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen what the closest friends of Wisegerber that continue to work in the Republican party will do to help Rusty Hight gain re-election. Will they support the change the voters have indicated they want or will they be subversive and be traitors to the party they have sworn to support and tell people to vote for Hight? Will they help re-elect the one person that can continue business as usual in our courthouse? It remains to be seen.

Murmuring and whispering campaigns about the morality of Hight's opponent have been the weapon of choice by Hight supporters thus far. A poor choice of political tactics for people that support someone who lives in the proverbial glass house. This kind of campaign will be met with facts and a much more open and honest discussion about the morality topic Hight supporters have chosen. Liberty Dispatch has investigated both candidates and will soon post the details of some of what has been uncovered. But for now we want to reassure anyone who wants to vote for change that is being subjected to the nasty mudslinging Hight whispering campaign. In a morality comparison, you don't want to choose Rusty Hight.

If Hight wins, we all lose.

Liberty Dispatch Supporter

Obama Family Cook Named Policy Adviser

In a comical move even for a czar-happy president who has rewarded dozens of cronies with distinguished titles, the White House has named the Obama’s personal Chicago cook as “Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives.”

It’s no joke, even though is sounds like a bad one. The Chicago chef’s rapid ascension, reported this week by a conservative Washington D.C. newspaper, has been kept under the radar for the last month. Sam Kass went from being a 20-something, Windy City gourmet cook—privately paid by the Obama’s to feed them—to big-time White House adviser in a matter of months.

In between, Michelle Obama made Kass a “Food Initiative Coordinator” for her new healthy nutrition program which is supposed to eliminate childhood obesity within a generation, especially in the nation’s inner cities. The First Lady claims that childhood obesity is a threat to national security and a crisis equivalent to AIDS and youth violence.

Because it’s such a dire situation, she has convinced her husband’s administration to spend $400 million a year to bring “healthy foods” to low-income neighborhoods and $10 billion to revise a decades-old federal measure that already feeds tens of millions of poor children at school for free.

This culinary revolution no doubt requires a trusted senior policy adviser—like Kass—who is an expert in healthy cuisine. The First Lady refers to her cook as a “partner in crime” and says it’s “just pretty powerful” to see what started out as talk in her South Side Chicago kitchen turn into a major initiative that “hopefully will change the way we think as a country.”

Makes you wonder what Kass, who also doubles as a White House chef, has been putting in the Obama’s food all these years. Incidentally, the “most transparent administration” in history doesn’t want Americans to know how much the famous family cook earns. Although he’s an important administration wonk, Kass’s salary is excluded in the Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff because he’s considered “residence staff” and those salaries don’t need to be disclosed.

By: Judicial Watch

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Senator, Tommy Williams Appointment

Senator Tommy Williams Named Chairman, Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee

- State Senator Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands) was named the new chairman of the Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee today by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. The Transportation & Homeland Security Committee handles long-term funding for transportation infrastructure, highway safety, security of our state and emergency measures.

"As the Texas Department of Transportation begins the process of solving significant organizational and fiscal challenges, the Texas Senate requires a leader who will continue to keep our transportation infrastructure on track and our state moving forward," said Lt. Governor Dewhurst. "Senator Williams is a strong advocate for reducing congestion on our roadways by ensuring dependable revenues to construct and expand new highways and build a world-class transportation system."

"It's very important we continue to improve our infrastructure and protect our citizens," said Williams. "I am humbled by the confidence the Lt. Governor has placed in me. We have hard work ahead of us, and I am ready to begin," stated Williams.

Senator Williams represents Senate District 4 covering all or portions of Jefferson, Orange, Chambers, Liberty, Harris and Montgomery Counties. Williams is a member of the Texas Senate Select Committee on Redistricting and also serves a member of the Finance, Education, International Relations & Trade Committees and the State Preservation Board.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eight more states and DC, up in smoke...

Along with the fourteen states already with medical marijuana/private use laws on the books, eight more states are set to legalize the medical/personal use of marijuana.

| California | Colorado | District of Columbia | Hawaii | Maine | Maryland | Michigan | Montana | Nevada | New Jersey | New Mexico | Oregon | Rhode Island | Vermont | Washington

8 States and DC with Pending Legislation or Ballot Measures to Legalize Medical Marijuana
(as of July 12, 2010)
1. Arizona 2. District of Columbia 3. Illinois 4. Massachusetts 5. New York
6. North Carolina 7. Ohio 8. Pennsylvania 9. South Dakota

As of this date, the federal government claims that marijuana is not medicine and in Gonzales v. Raich (2005), the United States Supreme Court held that the federal government has the constitutional authority to prohibit marijuana for all purposes. Thus, federal law enforcement officials may prosecute medical marijuana patients, even if they grow their own medicine and even if they reside in a state where medical marijuana use is protected under state law. The Court indicated that Congress and the Food and Drug Administration should work to resolve this issue.

Penalties for Marijuana Use or Possession in Texas:

To date, because the state of Texas does not legally view marijuana as a medicinal drug, any individual found in possession will be charged on a criminal platform. Debate about the benefits and pitfalls of the drug have been in progress for quite some time, and articles for and against reforming the laws can be seen in popular newspapers often.

Possession of less than 2 oz*

Class B Misdemeanor

Penalties include incarceration for a period of up to 180 days with a fine of $2,000

Possession of between 2 oz and 4 oz*

Class A Misdemeanor

Penalties include incarceration for a period of up to 1 year with a fine of $4,000

Possession of between 4 oz and 1 lb*

State Jail Felony

Penalties include incarceration for a period of 180 days to 2 years, with a fine of $10,000

Possession of between 1 lb and 5 lbs

State Jail Felony

Penalties include incarceration for a period of 180 days to 2 years, with a fine of $10,000

Possession of between 5 lbs and 50 lbs

Felony of the Third Degree

Penalties include incarceration for a period of 2 to 10 years with a fine of $10,000

Possession of between 50 lbs and 2,000 lbs

Felony of the Second Degree

Penalties include incarceration for a period of 2 to 20 years with a fine of $10,000

Possession of greater than 2,000 lbs


Penalties include incarceration for a period of 5 to 99 years with a fine of $50,000