Saturday, September 11, 2010


The liberal media in this country has caused many cancellations of newspaper subscriptions and caused Fox News to become the most powerful name in cable news by the way they cover some news and the way they fail to cover scandalous behavior by local and national government officials.

Many of the politically informed conservatives and moderates in Liberty County have learned the same lessons as the nation. Our local media has put their liberal spin on news stories for years and they have allowed a great deal of corruption to grow throughout the corridors of power in the Liberty County Courthouse by not investigating and reporting things that the public needed to know.

After years and years of the media failing to do their job, Liberty Dispatch entered the picture fully disclosing it comes from a conservative perspective and expressing a desire to fill in the huge gaps left by the local media and to expose their lies. We think we have forced the local media to report the news differently, but we are still amazed at what they do, or don’t do, from time to time.

A great example is the absence of even one news report on the proposal by Commissioner’s Court to double Liberty County’s debt. With the exception of Liberty Dispatch, not one local newspaper or the local radio station or the local car wreck blog has said a word. I can’t imagine any county in the United States that has media like ours. The good people of this county deserve the kind of press that our Founding Fathers envisioned and even provided protection for in the Bill of Rights.

But in Liberty County the media seems to do very little to challenge authority or question the powerful. In fact, because of the way they conduct their business, Liberty County has been ill informed and misinformed concerning the good ole boy system that has thrived here in our county. We hope that people are beginning to notice that what some may have thought were crazy made up Liberty Dispatch accusations of scandals by public officials they are now appearing to be accurate reports of the kind of misbehavior and criminal activity.

The fact that you may only read about it here, well that is not evidence it is not true. In fact, it may be that if it is only reported here, that it is something the pro Democratic Party media knows will upset the way they like things.

Nevertheless, regardless of your view of the media, they have failed to report that our Commissioners’ Court may be signing us all up for bankruptcy and that is “news that matters” to all of us.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Liberty County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse

Fun day @ Stancil Park
October 2, 2010

5 PM until Done

Sign up starts at 2 PM
Concession Stand Available
Rain or Shine – come out and have FUN


Barrels                    Flag Race          Ribbon Race

Run, Ride, Lead       Diaper Race       Poles

Negative Coggins Required

Age Groups

9 & under      10 to 14 yrs.      15 to 18 yrs.
19 and over
$5.00 a run     or     6 runs for $25.00

Exhibition on barrels and poles
$4.00 a run or 3 runs for $12.00
Limit 6 exhibition runs per person
Barrel exhibition starts at 3 PM ends at 4:45
Poles – after the fun day  2nd barrel exhibition after pole exhibition

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Caught in the elevator with a ham sandwich

Can you imagine if you were down at the Liberty County courthouse and you ended up trapped in the elevator for a couple hours with one of the local political figures or officeholders that is involved in the most recent of Democratic Party controversies?

After exchanging glances and nods you might would have been able to have quietly gotten on and off the elevator. But if you found out it might be awhile before you were rescued, you might figure why not ask whatever questions you have.

Say the person you are trapped on the elevator with is Democratic Party activists and District Judge C. T. “Rusty” Hight – would you ask him what it is he believes about sexual offenders that makes him think they deserve amnesty, probation, or a light sentence? Or would you ask why so many cases in his court when they are out of the public eye end up with criminals getting such great deals? Or how about this: “What in the heck are you doing up there in that courtroom Hight? That courtroom up there belongs to the people of this county and why would you ever think we would approve of all of this wheeling and dealing!”

What if you were trapped in the elevator with Rusty Hight’s campaign manager, Liz Beausoliel? Beausoliel’s husband was accused by Janet Harrelson of advising her that her planned future actions in what is now known as the “Harrelson scandal” were legal. Liz Beausoliel herself was caught on video in what is now known as the “Stolen Mail/ Dirty Campaign Tricks scandal”. Would you ask the former Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman: “What were you thinking?” Or maybe: "How did that mail theft work out for you?”

How about if you got stuck in a crowded elevator with Democratic County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Commissioner Lee Groce and a couple of the men who made tens or hundreds of thousands dollars off of their agreements on FEMA contracts? Or would it even be worth asking any of them a question!

I know what I would say if I were trapped on an elevator with the Commissioners – Groce, Brown, Hunt, and Fontenot. I would not have a question. These men have had more taxpayer money to spend in the last four years and more grants than any other time in the history of our county and they are bypassing the public and borrowing and spending at a record pace (the proposed 2011 budget increases our debt from $13 million to $27 million and spends $3 million of our cash reserves). Rather than a question I think I would stare at each of them and say: “Shame on you! Stop spending money before you totally bankrupt this county!”

And I know what I would do if District Attorney Mike Little was on the elevator. I would first make sure the emergency button was pushed. Little has a horrible track record when it comes to noticing the problems around the courthouse. Unless forced, Little ignores any toxic or problematic scenario outside of his own political scheming and vendettas and he might just ignore that the elevator was broke. After pushing the button I would call someone I trusted on my cell phone and asks them to get a recorder and stay on the line until I was free from Little and the elevator – Little has bragged that he could indict a ham sandwich and I might resemble one of those sandwiches to him. But as far as questions for Mike Little, I can only think of: “When will you be eligible to retire?” or “Why did you become a prosecutor?” Little has lived in a culture of corruption and done nothing. I would hate to throw up while trapped in an elevator so I would avoid any questions that he might give some answer about “keeping crime off of the streets!”

Thinking about all of these characters makes me want to go back and answer the original question: “Can you imagine if you were down at the Liberty County courthouse and you ended up trapped in the elevator with any of these people?” My answer: “I would prefer not to think about it. They have no acceptable answers to the many questions that circle their heads like buzzards.”

It is time for a fresh start here in Liberty County. It is time to cut off the one thing almost every one of the scandals in the last ten years is connected to – the local Democratic Party.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


With all of the local Democrats scandals and all of their illegal activity – some activities already revealed and some yet to come to light – it may be that some of the legal activity of the Commissioners’ Court may be the most harmful of all.

Years ago a small handful of people decided the only way Liberty County could ever live up to its potential was to expose the wrongdoing by the county’s elected officials so they would be voted out of office or hauled to prison. It was decided then the price that would have to be paid to expose the most powerful people in the county would probably include having to hire lawyers and fight to keep the worst of the officials from using their power to ruin reputations and incarcerate innocent challengers to their power.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

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Monday, September 06, 2010

John Otto Supports 911 Fund run by arsonist

"A former Dayton pastor and fire department chaplain has pleaded guilty to arson and insurance fraud after burning down his own house in Kerrville, Texas.

According to records obtained from the 198th District Court in Kerr County, Phillip Lorne Lovin, 47, of San Antonio, pleaded guilty to arson and insurance fraud on July 9.

Lovin is a former pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Dayton and also served as the chaplain for the Westlake Volunteer Fire Department in 2008.

According to court documents, Lovin burned his own house down in Harper, Texas, after placing flares, gas, hay and an old, dried-out Christmas tree in his attic and setting it on fire. He filed an insurance claim on the incident afterward.

On September 8, 2008, Lovin participated in a flag retirement ceremony and 9-11 memorial service along with State Rep. John Otto at the Westlake Volunteer Fire Department fire station."

Above picture and story, courtesy HCN.

Notice "King Otto" on the left and Philip Lovin on the far right. Is this more crazy Otto support for goofy initiatives, goofy profiteers and goofy programs?  Does Otto ever check who or what he supports?