Friday, December 24, 2010


Voters have given Liberty County a gift.  What gift will Liberty County give?

No promises were made. There won’t be any quotes for future political opponents of this wave of new Republican officeholders in Liberty County to remind the voters of. It was not even implied. But this last election COULD result in a great deal more than putting more conservative more common sense people in leadership positions.

Taxpayers could actually get the best Christmas present they could possibly dream of from those now preparing to run our county government for the next four years. In a few short weeks after the swearing of our new officials, taxpayers could witness an effort never before seen in this county’s history. We could see a commitment to pairing down the bloated 2011 budget and return the numbers recorded in the 2007 budget. Numbers that are 50% smaller! What a gift that would be to the taxpayers!

Think of what could be done if our new officials would commit to this. We could pay off certificates of obligations early and keep a bond rating that will drop soon if the election had gone the Democrats have acted powerless over the years and pointed to the appraisal district as the culprit when people have complained their tax bill is higher.

Our new public officials could right some more wrongs too. They could come up with a responsible plan forward with the old Walmart building. Sell it and get it back on the tax rolls. Or use it and sell other county properties if the numbers justify it, but do something.

If we would get away from the insane expenditures in the current 2011 budget, Liberty County can also spend some of taxpayer’s money better. For example, one of the things citizens expect our government to provide is fair and just and well run courts. For those who mischaracterize and unfairly criticize Republicans, our new officials could actually invest in better government by appropriating money for a court reporter for the County Court-at-Law court. What thinking human being could possibly object to such an expenditure. We are against waste and against government wandering into areas they have no business. Few, if any, would object to an effort to get back to the 2007 budget and taking some of the money take in from taxes to insure a better justice system.

On the other hand, some have suggested even the 2007 budget numbers may be high for one area in our courthouse. Revelations of all of the money taken in by the District Attorney’s office and not accounted for are soon to come. But taxpayers are never interested in slush funds with no accountability. One of the little extras taxpayers could have in the gift wrapping is a commitment to slashing the District Attorney’s budget in lieu of bringing those funds Liberty County is receiving in seizures and drug busts. Those funds should lighten the burden of the taxpayer, not lighten the accountability of whatever politician is in that office. Soon, facts and figures will show, in the last few years the Liberty County DA, Michael Little has doubled his budget and is doing half the work. Lawsuits and allegations of illegal 'homosexual sex for sentencing favors' and 'political vendettas' swirl around Michael Little and his office. Where is Liberty County DA, Michael Little's accountability?

Liberty County citizens shouldn’t expect the Christmas gift described above, but it is possible. Oh sure, we can’t go back to the exact figures of the 2007 budget. And sure Democrats have gone out and spent more and more money and we have more bills to pay since the 2007, but we are not mindless un-empowered victims. We can do things smarter; we can overcome past administrations’ decisions and liberal stupidity out of Washington D.C. We can roll back to what was plenty four years ago.

That, Mr. and Mrs. Newly-elected Public Official, is what many of us want for Christmas. Surprise us and make the world sit up and see how it is done.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Liberty Dispatch in 2011

Since April of 2006, Liberty Dispatch's first goal has been to provide the people of Liberty County with information about local corruption. The second goal is to expose, lobby politically and remove the corrupt.

Coincidentally, there are those in power who are corrupt and will do everything they can to silence Liberty Dispatch.

Most of the corruption we have found in Liberty County surrounds the legal system including the County Attorney's Office and DA's office.  The last election took out a great many corrupt individuals. As of this date, the corrupt that are left in the Liberty County Texas Government appear to be mostly centered around the Liberty County (DA) prosecutor's office.  The corruption investigation focus may change to another area of Liberty County Government but for now... the Liberty County DA's office is in need of drastic change and purging.

The good news is, we have elected officials who are forthright and interested in reforming Liberty County for our future generations. The small group of forthright elected in Liberty County have made initial strides and will continue to make strides to help clean up over 100 years of generational corruption.

Don't be fooled, there is a select group of mostly Democrats and a few Republicans (R.I.N.O.S.)- including appointed people who are doing their best to retain their corrupt evil grip on Liberty County.  They continue to infiltrate and appoint "front men" and "front women" to keep their corrupt grasp on local power and money.

We will notify the public of the forthright Liberty County officials and expose the corrupt.

Liberty Dispatch will continue to investigate and publish stories the other news media in Liberty County don't have the guts to publish.  Most of the Liberty County News organizations have been severely compromised, infiltrated and are controlled by the corrupt.  Corrupted News Media is nothing more than a connected extension of the very worst of the corrupt officials and their cartels.  Liberty County, Texas is drowning in "don't ask, don't tell" media.

The New Year ahead will be challenging and 'very' revealing... stay tuned!

Ray Akins, Contributor and Republican Activist
12/21/2010- Lunar Eclipse. Photo by Ray Akins

If you miss this lunar eclipse, you'll get your next shot at seeing one in the continental United States on April 15, 2014. But you have quite a while to wait for the next lunar eclipse on a solstice – that won't happen for another 84 years.