Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch

I was told to read your website because of a story on some of the things being reported about our young people here in Cleveland. I read it and I want your readers to know what I know.

First you need to realize The Chronicle reported a Texas Ranger and investigators were “Questioning several Cleveland High School students in connection with allegations they sexually assaulted a girl over the Thanksgiving break.” Then you need to realize this story is about the same underage minor we are again hearing about in the news.

I would guess the media knows about this timeline but is reluctant to speculate about it because they do not want to be considered in any way sympathetic toward the accused or against the alleged victim. But I have serious questions about that Texas Ranger and investigators from the District Attorney’s office and the Cleveland Police Department: If your duty is to serve and protect and to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty, how can you have done your duty if this eleven year old girl continued to be sexually active after she appeared on your radar?

Two things that are horrible to consider appear to be more than possible when reading that officials knew about the minor’s encounters at least as far back as November 2010. No one seems to want to say it, but it may be possible that the minor had serious problems long before her alleged encounters with all of the accused. I don’t say that to put the minor on trial. Engaging in sex with someone so young is wrong and it is statutory rape. But this story has a big twist in it if the minor was aggressively seeking more sexual partners and the Texas Ranger and investigators knew this and used her as bait.

I am in no way saying that the rumored twenty to forty young men alleged to be involved in this are just as much victims as the underage girl. But I am wondering if it is true this girl continues to solicit on her facebook page. I am wondering if risking the physical and psychological welfare of our children in order to secure high profile rape cases against a significant number of our male youth is what we are electing the District Attorney to do. Is this strategy worthy of a Texas Ranger? What have they told our local police that kept them from at least calling CPS or taking some kind of protective action?

It seems to me if this had been handled better back in November 2010 or earlier, the girl would have not have experienced near as much abuse and nearly 4 dozen men would not be hiring lawyers and fighting for their freedom. I can’t be sure why something was not done but I read this site and know it could be one or more things.

Did the fact that the District Attorney has been accused of rape make him reluctant to handle this case in a timely fashion? Is this a political case and officials are timing the case to maximize publicity for political purposes? Was the investigation back in November handled so poorly that officials didn’t realize the minor may have been hunting down males and continuing to add to the list of young men who will face the possibility of life in prison?

Who knows? But I fear that a professional investigating this case will find that this girl may have been seeking sexual encounters much earlier than November 2010. I fear her problems may have been well known to school officials and to investigators before the recently publicized incidents that led to all of these arrests.

I have no intention of claiming this girl is not a victim. In fact it may be she is more of a victim than has been alleged. When looking at the time line it appears that our local officials are set to take front stage and let the cameras roll on crimes that could have been prevented. It may be the girl’s life and the lives of many of these young men were secondary to the agendas of some of our officials.

I hope there is a good explanation for their lack of action, but people in the Cleveland community have reason to doubt it. The news media has reason to question. Once we agree it is wrong for an older person to have sex with a girl this young and we get past even suspecting anyone is trying to attack her further, and then these other questions can be pursued.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Rebuking the Conservatives In Name Only will be the order of the Day! During the past few months I have kept my mouth shut and encouraged others to do the same in order to preserve the peace.

It was necessary to be quiet in order to make the Change from Democrat Dominance into a new Conservative Era. That has been accomplished. The need for silence and the requirement to kiss the ass of CINOS no longer exist.


I will no longer turn the other cheek in regards to CINOS. We have reached an impasse. Hence forth and forever more when you do your dirty work in the dark I will make a public display of it. Your bluff will be called and people will see the battle unfold publicly.

Courtesy of Andy McCreight, Liberty County Republican Chairman

Monday, February 21, 2011

A system broken...


All the mentioned suspects have been indicted for the offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child under 14 and arrested pursuant to those indictments. Texas Penal Code Sec. 22.021. Liberty Dispatch has watched the unfolding saga of the 12 year old Hispanic female child in Cleveland, Texas who alleges sexual assault and rape against herself.

There have been several arrests to date of black Cleveland youths related to sexual performance with a child. The arrest of many young men and other community people in general are sure to come.  The long history of Liberty County DA, Mike Little's selective prosecution is already manifesting itself in light of only blacks being arrested for the crimes in question.  The DA, Mike Little is also accused of Homosexual Assault on a black (prisoner) man too in a current Liberty County case. (See below, Michael Blue case)

Half of the accused related to sexual crimes with this young girl have criminal records and the rest are young men in the community with no criminal record.  There are also allegations of grown men who work at the school and city employees who have reportedly had sex with the young girl.

This young girl has a facebook site where she has actively advertised for her need to make sexual meetings. Also, she has actively pursued young men to the point it interfered with her schooling.

Obviously her being raised by a father unwilling to assume his proper responsibilities has also caused harm and promoted her behavior.

It is further alleged that estimates of 30-40 males have had sexual relations with her over time when finally her sexual appetite ended with her being raped by approximately five black males. After the rape, children at CISD talked of the crime which eventually resulted in the rape being reported.

Liberty Dispatch wants to know why CPS has not taken this girl away from her father who seems either unwilling or unable to properly raise this child. We also want to know why she is still being allowed to actively pursue sexual relationships on facebook.

Liberty Dispatch has been told by sources that the Liberty County District Attorney, Mike Little was aware of sexual offensives against this young girl for some time prior to any arrest and rape. It’s also alleged that Mike Little allowed this young girl’s continued abuse for unknown or possible political reasons.

As concerns Liberty County DA, Mike Little… His own behavior related to homosexual sexual assault, civil rights violations and oppression offenses are being investigated by the 253rd District Court, Texas Attorney General’s Office, US Attorney’s Office, NAACP, ACLU and the FBI.

Mike Little has been silent without comment related to the charges against him and also that of the young girl victim. Sources indicate that Liberty County DA, Mike Little plans to push the trials of the accused in a despicable attempt to retain his hold on the Liberty County DA’s office. Liberty County District Clerk’s records indicate multiple recent subpoenas have been issued to witnesses related to charges against Liberty County DA, Mike Little.

At this point, the only bright side to this broken chain of events and people is the Liberty County Judges who will hear this case. The community can rest assured that the Liberty County Judges will handle this alleged crime and trial with the utmost judicial professionalism and discretion. Hopefully this young girl can be put back on the right path in life with the help and understanding of the courts and community.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


At first the great deceivers lurking in the shadows trying to influence WE THE PEOPLE said, “ None of it is true.” They said it is just more ‘lies” from a desperate local Republican party that almost never gets any attention because they are all a bunch of nuts.

But then the votes came in. The election results were a clear indication of the voters’ distrust of the media and local Democrats and a desire to hold public officials accountable. Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight was swept out of office! No one we talked to can remember the last time an incumbent District Judge lost his re-election bid. It was a drum beating that saw Hight lose most voting precincts and the night ended early for those hoping for his return to office.

The post-election silence signaled a shift in the blame game. In more recent days, some have gone from blaming the struggles of the entire local Democratic party on what they call “rumors” from conservatives in the area and Liberty Dispatch to blaming defeated Democrats. For these people either self-deception or manipulation is a way of life. They seem to never skip a beat when they go from saying Judge Rusty Hight never let convicted child molesters walk to District Attorney Mike Little is not responsible for the liberal rulings and unreasonable releases of horrible criminals from Hight’s court.

Oh what a difference a few weeks and an election loss can make! Those saying Hight lost because he was a disloyal traitor to the Democratic party and that he had his father-in-law and other Republican officials secretly campaigning for him – those same people just three months ago denied any of that subversive behavior was going on. Some of those same people are now saying those deceptive tricks cost Hight votes on both sides and that Mike Little’s strong three decade loyalty to the Democratic party should not be associated with Hight’s behavior. “ Our District Attorney is as loyal a Democrat as Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy. Republicans are just trying to use Hight to win the District Attorney position. It is all political gamesmanship.”

While Liberty Dispatch may concede that Judge Hight was the key figure in trying to play both sides of the political aisle and push key Republicans into bad mouthing his opponent, we are not convinced the District Attorney was not involved in the scheme. A small handful of the same people within the make-up of the local party have continued to push for the idea that Mike Little is an acceptable choice for Republicans in two years. Liberty Dispatch has long recognized this little ban of would be power mongers just want their friends to be in office and that they could care less about the truth in advertising involved in trying to get enough votes into win. But we think it is obvious by now, Mike Little as big a Democrat as the legends that party has produced throughout their reigning, ruling, and ruining Liberty County over the last 100 years.

People trying to place all of the blame for the inexplicably light sentences of sex offenders, child molesters, and other horrible criminals at the feet of a defeated and politically embarrassed Rusty Hight, are purposefully ignoring that many of those “deals” Hight cut were not done at the original trial. Mike Little had to either be part of the deal making or at least know about the deals unless his little image makers are arguing he is ignorant of what judges and convicted criminals do after trial. If he claims ignorance, it would leave all of us wondering about his signature on the drastic sentence reductions that have occurred just days after the trials and the sentencing were considered final by the public.

It may be convenient for Democrats and for those wanting their friends to stay in power to aim their blame at defeated candidates. That strategy may seem the best course for achieving whatever it is that are hoping to accomplish, but two things remain evident to us. Mike Little, no matter what he tries to portray as far as his political party affiliation is concerned, has been a loyal hard working member of the local Democratic machinery that has played politics with our court system. He is either sat blindly or he has been the architect of some of the most liberal ways of dealing with some of our worst criminals while at the same time he has been harsh and deceptive in trying to crucify his political enemies.

He can not blame Rusty Hight sufficiently or cover up enough to free himself from how far he has strayed from what a good public servant should be. Changing political strategies or parties or friends will not clean up the mess he has been very involved in making.

Our suggestion is a good long look in the mirror. Not alliances with those in the Republican party who have little integrity. Not continuing to spend taxpayer’s money and time trying to stomp out political opposition. Just a look at the man in the mirror.