Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When Sheriff Henry Patterson and Eddie Shauberger and The Outsiders were trying to nail Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren, they had dreams of grandeur, but courage more like their little buddy who was at home with his Mommie - Robert Valdez.

They were afraid to approach one of the judges. They claimed they thought all of the judges in the Liberty County courthouse were so crooked that instead of accepting what they called legitimate charges against Joe, they may ask questions about them.

So what did these great crime fighters do? They called and they e-mailed and they called and they e-mailed Richard Pegues. They repeatedly told Pegues they thought the judges were crooked. (The evidence?) The evidence was they had was “an open and shut case against someone in the courthouse” and they were sure none of the judges would accept the charges.

Pegues, former three time Republican county chairman initially told Eddie Shauberger their accusations were ridiculous. He told them to bring their charges and if they were worth anything, any of the judges would do the right thing. Shauberger acted like he went back to the Outsiders and Sheriff Patterson and they were reluctant to move forward. Shauberger told Pegues if he wanted to prove any of these judges was not corrupt that he could prove it by getting a green light for someone to request a warrant on someone in the courthouse. Pegues said that none of them are corrupt and he would say something next time he visited with one of them.

The next time he visited with one of the judges he asked the judge, “If someone in the sheriff’s department came to you and presented evidence of a crime by someone in the courthouse what would you do?”

The judge replied, “I would do what I always do. I would do my job.”

A Liberty County Detective (Outsider?) ultimately did confront the District judge with the probable cause affidavit and the Liberty County judge appropriately passed on issuing the warrant.

After being confronted... Pegues then told Shauberger that the sheriff or whoever should just approach the judge and expect he will do his job.

Question in the course of many exchanges on this matter one must wonder what role Eddie Shauberger plays in Sheriff Patterson’s organization. Is Eddie a detective? What is Patterson’s connection to the Outsiders? Is he somehow paying any of them? Why did they want Joe Warren so bad? They acted like Joe Warren was the worst criminal in Liberty County. Will the Outsiders now try and blame the “investigation” they show cased on Liberty Dispatch? Will they pull out or create an old e-mail and blame Pegues?

These people bragged about their “investigation”. Are they ashamed of it now? Who conducted the “investigation”? Was Eddie or any of his cult investigating Joe Warren? Are they licensed?

I guess we are all just old fashioned in thinking that the sheriff ought to run his department without folks that are not law enforcement and aren’t even Liberty County residents playing private detective.

The judges have proven over and over they will do their job. Is it too much to ask Sheriff Patterson to do the same?

Pegues Affidavit of the Facts

Monday, November 21, 2011


Richard Pegues, a former three time Republican Party chairman and a local government teacher, says that Sheriff Henry Patterson’s hit team has other private citizens in the cross-hairs as the primaries for the sheriff’s re-election bid approaches.

Pegues points out there are several unique things about Sheriff Patterson’s efforts:

1) Though their supporters are bragging that several millionaires from Liberty County will fund his campaign and get him anything he wants, Patterson’s hardest working campaigners are all from outside of Liberty County.

2) Patterson’s supporters from outside the county have said they have been “investigating” people in order to discourage anyone from coming out and working for Patterson’s opponent, longtime Republican hero Bobby Rader. “And that will make you think twice before helping Rader”.

3) An analysis of the calendar makes it clear the people from outside of this county have recently tried to hide under the guise of “media investigators”. Their bragging, and no doubt, their investigating goes back far enough that they are clearly trying to cover up they have had no private investigation license to do what they have done - breaking the law.

4) It is alleged that Sheriff Patterson is either funding this illegal mudslinging under the guise of investigations or his millionaire friends are or his buddies from outside the county are doing this as a “love offering”.

5) One of Henry Patterson’s supporters is quite the chatterbox and he brags that Bobby Rader, a former law enforcement officer and a current judge, will be “the first judge but not the last” to be on the not welcome list formed by this group from outside the county.

6) “Chatterbox” brags that “It doesn’t really matter if you have done anything wrong, we can dig up stuff and make you look like the devil”.

7) There is no probable cause for any of these “investigations” to be funded, or even sanctioned, by Sheriff Patterson.

8) Any connection Sheriff Patterson has to these “investigations” is alleged to be a violation of free speech and clear intimidation and oppression.

9) Sheriff Patterson’s political hit team slings the stupidest accusations and calls things like affidavits from their own team “evidence” of things that are too ridiculous to ever be considered in a court of law. This is an indication of the type of investigatory efforts that our county sheriff has attached to his name – and to our counties’ name

10) Agree with this website’s opinions or not, for those people who say Patterson’s Henchman are similar in any way to Liberty Dispatch or any media think on this: We pose questions we want answers to, in many cases Patterson’s gang knows the answer before they pose the question and presents something to the public that is much different than what they know is true.

For example: Eddie Shauberger has embraced as friends Bobby Rader and Richard Pegues for years and now he is signing affidavits and producing four years old e-mails and trying to make his friends look bad - all on behalf Henry Patterson for Sheriff. Where were his questions and complaints just a few weeks ago?

Liberty County DA Mike Little Not Running

Controversial Liberty County DA Mike Little announced yesterday he will not run again for District Attorney. Little has been the D.A. for Liberty County since 1983. In his 28 years of holding public office he has never had an opponent.

Two candidates have publicly announced their intention to run for District Attorney. Both Assistant County Attorney Karen McNair and attorney James Farmer have said they will sign up in the Republican primary and compete for this office. Months ago it was said that County Attorney Wes Hinch was considering entering this race, but more recently no one seems to be certain that Hinch will even run for County Attorney as rumors have swirled about his dissatisfaction with public service.

As for the Democrats, there is no word whether the three decades Mike Little spent as a Democrat translated into giving any advantage to the Liberty County Democrat Party. Liberty Dispatch wonders if Democrat Chairman Nancy Archer is scrambling to find a candidate. With Little having a large staff of attorneys, it is possible one of them may come forward.

Allegations of homosexual prisoner rape of a black man, along with his malicious prosecution, selective prosecution and official oppression have haunted Mike Little.

The sign up period has been changed to a November 28th first day and a December 16th final day.


The holidays are almost here and it is a time of family gatherings for many Americans. A time when we learn a great deal about our family. It is also a time to think about finding answers to some of the problems we have in our family.

Perhaps more than ever, parents are looking for answers in dealing with their children and the issue of be a sore loser. With statistics indicating children living at home much longer and taking much longer to mature, parents are at their wits end trying to figure out how to help their kids grow up to be normal well adjusted adults who can compete in the real world without being a sore loser.

So what do you do? What do you do when Bobby’s team beats little Henry’s team and a little fellow on Henry’s team starts throwing a fit and throwing everything he can find at Bobby’s team?

Well, it is a little late to resolve the little fellow’s problem immediately. A could pop on the behind and telling him you will talk to him later may be the best you can do. Maturity takes longer for some than others.

But later, when everyone is gone, look for opportunities to do the following:

1. Praise effort. After playing a game, I would reinforce what you know is true about your son, and reward him for TRYING, not just for accomplishing. In your house, keep the language of trying more positive than the language of winning. So say “congratulations for putting in such an effort”. We do that in our home school, too. If they try at math, but don’t do well, they get praised much more than if it was an easy lesson they breezed through.

2. Keep talking about how God sees your child. Just keep talking about how God sees us. I wouldn’t lecture him at 7 on the psychology of winning, because I don’t think kids that age get it. I would, however, surround him with truth. Tell your children that God made them for a purpose. Tell them that they are the way they are for a reason. Tell them that God put them together in exactly that way because they are perfectly made for what He has planned.

3. Teach your child to handle disappointment. Many children have really violent emotions. It hits them so hard they scream, or pick up the board and fling it across the room. It’s not that they’re bad; it’s that the feeling is so overwhelming they don’t know what to do with that. They’re born with anger issues.

So when Henry’s team loses next time, Robert’s Mommy should already have praised him for the way he colors and the way he makes his bed and other daily things. So when the team loses, Robert is full of self esteem and Mommy can compliment him on his efforts. If Robert acts out again, spank him and go back to teaching him the same lessons when in a less competitive environment.

Remember the problem with Robert is he is immature and it may take time for him to grow up and become independent enough to deal with things like the rest of us, but with much love he can get there. And enjoy the holidays!

Local School Teacher Honored - Richard Pegues

Liberty Dispatch would like to thank Mr. Richard Pegues for his diligent contributions and work on Liberty Dispatch. We also want to warn people who google his name. Mr.Pegues has been a great soldier for the cause of democracy and some of his enemies have not enjoyed being outsmarted and out maneuvered.

Until the recent Liberty Dispatch Blog was created- Mr. Pegues only sent in letters to the editor and a few opeds as many others have. 

LD History: Liberty Dispatch Blog was created after the old Liberty Dispatch as an open forum blog for like minded people to post stories, oped and ideas related to conservative interest. Unlike other sites with special (political) interest who take meaningless PIA request, closed court case filings, years old emails and blatantly lie about their meaning, context and timing- Liberty Dispatch post' facts and news.  These special interest sites only obfuscate the truth with manufactured evidence.

As a LD Contributor- Pegues has had to endure false stories attacking him at his school teaching job and false affidavits signed against him by an "outsider criminal" who is supporting an opposing political candidate.

Liberty Dispatch would like to again thank Mr. Pegues for his long connection to the Republican platform, fight against Liberty County corruption, and help to elect the BEST Republican candidates. His efforts have not been made without a cost. His love for country and his selflessness are laudible and his critics are usually downright shameful as they will say just about anything.

Taking Liberty Part 3 - Revisited

As originally written by "Outsiders" Robert Valdez and Clifford Fuddy William. (The original Story has been pulled off LD.)

In Part 3, we, the taxpayers, research the organized corruption in the Liberty County Local Governments that routinely keep the citizens of Liberty County in the dark.
You Robert Valdez are not a taxpayer in Liberty County nor do you pay taxes (or file income tax returns) and neither was Clifford Fuddy William a Liberty County taxpayer.  Only a cult of tax dodging kooks brought into Liberty County by Henry Patterson to help him win a hopeless re-election bid.

Liberty Dispatch blog has earned the right to be the first news source to print this series for several reasons.  One of the best reasons is the great feedback received from our readers. The anonymous comments have been a great source of tips and leads. However, after two popular stories, we received our first anonymous terroristic threat. We can understand that as our stories have the organized criminal element somewhat rattled. We have even come to expect official oppression from the very public servants who are supposed to protect us. In this case, we have someone threatening to kill us via e-mail. Someday, we may know who did this, but we have zero expectations that someone like Liberty County DA, Michael R. “Mike” Little, would do anything to protect us. But what should the public expect if they ever have an issue with the DA’s office or an issue with anyone with the “right connections” to the DA’s office? We will show what kind of run around the public should expect when public officials become so cozy with one another that they feel they are protected, regardless of what they may choose to do to you…
Wow, our comments, stories and readers were so valid and important to you when you thought you could mind bend our readers into voting for Henry Patterson.  Where is your evidence that anyone wanted to kill you?  More of you and your cult's imagined thoughts of grandeur and histrionics.  This email to kill you was some more of your forged and manufactured emails in more attempts to get attention.  Ok... we have read through your endless and meaningless dribble and still can’t find any documented “run around”.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our readers have raised the same question that was implied in Commissioners’ Court last session. The same question that has been asked of District Attorney Mike Little and partially answered is now being asked of Sheriff Henry Patterson.

Will you tell this community how much money and other assets the LCSO has taken in during your 35 months in office?

Will you also give us exacting proof of how that money has been spent?

There are questions Liberty Dispatch has that are connected to those questions. Like, has your son-in-law, Chris Minx, received any benefit, whether financial or otherwise from the county? Has outsider leader Clifford Fuddy William received any benefit, whether financial or otherwise from this county?

We are still waiting for the answer to these questions. Your political cronies have basically told us you do not have to answer according to the law. Is that your position or will you tell our readers what they want to know?

Contributor, Richard Pegues