Thursday, December 22, 2011


If Sheriff Patterson pulls Santa’s sleigh over as Rudolph descends into Liberty County, the following people might assume Patterson will press the big guy into dropping lumps of coal in their stocking. Patterson and his re-election team have a long enemies’ lists and the ten items that follow are not in priority order nor is the lists limited to the following:

1. Joe Warren and the grand jury that dismissed his case.
2. Every citizen that complains the sheriff is missing in action and refuses to accept the idea that his every morning breakfasts at public restaurants in Cleveland are quality and quantity voter access.
3. Bobby Rader for running for sheriff.
4. Allen Youngblood for requiring that LCSO press releases be factual and not just re-election efforts.
5. Vanessa Brashier for not listening to crazy Outsider efforts to spin news.
6. Ray Akins for staying independent and nuking Patterson’s political strategies.
7. Bill Buchanan for ignoring the sheriff.
8. All the voters in Liberty County except the ones in Cleveland for requiring that Patterson earn their vote.
9. The pot growers operating the two large fields in the Hardin area for not chaining themselves to the entrance gate to their drug kingdom so Henry could catch them.
10. The judges in the courthouse and State Rep Otto- because Patterson’s friend (Eddie)wanted to be a big shot and never could get elected.

The protection of this community is too important to trust to someone so busy selecting citizens who he wants to smut up at election time with made up Santa-like stories. Liberty County deserves leadership that doesn’t promote a culture of womanizing good ole boy-ism like Patterson‘s predecessor and doesn’t deserve rogue unprofessional political attack dogs like Patterson has unleashed.

I challenge Henry Patterson to totally separate himself from these Outsiders and to go public with how he has spent the slush fund created from seizures. Do it as your new year’s resolution, Henry... start with yourself and let’s clean this mess up!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It remains to be seen if the projected one BILLION dollars that President Obama’s re-election team is predicted to rise will by some miracle get him re-elected. It remains to be seen whether or not the millionaire supporters Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson’s re-election team has bragged will fund his raise will result in his re-election. But what is a certainty and what we have all already seen is President Obama’s headstrong belief that the government spending more and more taxpayer money has just made his re-election less and less probable. And what is certain is Sheriff Patterson’s Sergeant Shultz’s “I know nothing!” strategy of running the sheriff’s department has made his re-election team’s biggest challenge is how to do a makeover so people won’t recognize the Henry Patterson who has had three years to improve his performance.

What can money do for failed politicians? Two very similar things we can all anticipate we will see as both Obama and Patterson throw money at their races:

1) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making them sound like they have been successful since being elected in 2008. They will need a great deal of money to prey on the minds of even the less informed of the electorate to sell voters that they deserve re-election.

2) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making his opponent sound like someone who doesn’t even deserve their own Mother’s vote.

It will be an interesting year to watch. Can money, record campaign spending, make people forget that a politician has failed and that a new person needs to lead us so we have a chance to improve our government?

2012 should be a great year for us all. We are coming to an end to a very tough transitional time, both nationally and locally. We have seen some success and we have seen some failure. With hindsight, the chances of us choosing to embrace people and policies we have seen fail are near zero. Our community and our country are not for sale.

Will Cox Press Release

Liberty County has been my home since 1977 and it is the place where my four children were raised. My wife and I try our best to be citizens who make a difference. Today I announce my candidacy for the Office of Liberty County Sheriff and I intend to make a difference when elected.

In 1996 I was encouraged by Republican Party officials to run for Sheriff and came very close to winning. I ran two more times after that as the Republican candidate. Now it is my decision to run again. Like Abraham Lincoln, I just don’t want to give up until I win.

When elected, I will be the Sheriff who will be available for you to express your concerns to on a regular basis.

If you were one of the over 12,000 people who voted for me in the past elections, I encourage you to give me your confidence once again, The Republican primary election will be held on April 3rd, 2012 please make it your special event and make a difference. This will be the most important election in the history of the United States. If you are registered to vote before April 3rd, 2012, you will be eligible to vote in the Republican Primary. Mark it on your calendar.

Currently I am a Deputy Sheriff for Harris County Sheriff’s Department, and have been there since 1989. If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at

With this announcement, my wife Shirley and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and we make no apology for keeping Christ in Christmas.

Will Cox

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We warned you...

Eddie Shauberger said, “We can get you elected”. This summer The Outsiders were analyzing the chances of getting their potential candidate for Liberty County District Attorney elected and they seem to have a very high opinion of Shauberger’s political acumen. Though there are many reasons obvious to most why Shauberger may not be the best person to ask, his thumbs up for James Farmer seemed like all they needed to set their plans into motion. Months after Farmer announced at a political meeting that he was running for D.A., Shauberger and The Outsiders have decided they could help Sheriff Patterson in his efforts to overthrow the judiciary more by obviously running for County Attorney. We warned Liberty County… these people, these Outsiders, are serious about “Taking Liberty County” (Ironically the title of a series of articles they wrote several months ago).

The large thick glasses and the curly, almost wild hair and scruffy facial look may not be what Liberty is use to when lawyers run for elective offices, but his looks may be the least of James Farmers obstacles. Farmer’s odd rhetoric covering a wide range of topics may not be something voters ever get a chance to hear on the campaign trail because of Patterson’s, Shauberger’s and the Outsiders’ tendency to hide out from the public with the exception of hundreds of early morning breakfasts.

One minute Farmer apologizes for having a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, “I know they are bad for me and I have been meaning to quit.” The next minute he is talking about he is not a Christian but he is “real close” to becoming one (he even “went to a Jewish Passover dinner with friends not long ago”.) To add to his bizarre rhetoric in the same short conversation he intermittently refers to various court cases on topics no one in the conversation mentioned. He also goes into a weird legal rationale of why he shouldn’t have to pay taxes or file income tax forms. James Farmer is a knowledgeable person and we can see how perfectly he fits in with The Outsiders, but his intellect is misplaced. His charm may be disarming, but his goals (and the goals of Shauberger and the Outsiders) are alarming.

But all of this description of brief encounters with this man is not the most troubling things voters need to know about James Farmer. His bankruptcies and money troubles and the long list of “companies” he is affiliated with are troubling, but the effort of what many might call a failed Houston businessman to come and help with the Patterson takeover is most troubling.

Farmer has the same problem the last Democrat that ran for County Judge had. He is not from here. Remember how Ken Morrison said he was building a cabin right on the county line and that was his proof that he intended to be a county resident? Farmer rented an upstairs apartment near downtown Liberty approximately six months ago (six months is the residency requirement to run for this office). The owners of the garage apartment say Farmer has never spent one night in the apartment.

Eddie Shauberger and his Outsider friends boast that keeping Patterson sheriff and getting Farmer elected is just the beginning. They are eyeing the 2014 election and putting black robes on people they hand pick.

Candidate James Farmer has officially signed up to run for Liberty County Attorney with odd credentials, odd history and candidate qualifications apparently based in fraud. Does Liberty County need a prospective public official already trying to pull a fast one on Liberty County before they are even elected?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Liberty County 2012 Republican Candidates

December 19, 2011 (Liberty Dispatch Support)

County Tax-Assessor Collector- Richard L. Brown
County Tax-Assessor Collector- Debra Glenn

Liberty County Attorney- Wesley N. Hinch
Liberty County Attorney- James Farmer

District Attorney 253rd District- Karen McNair
District Attorney 253rd District- Logan Edward Pickett

Sheriff- Henry Patterson
Sheriff- Bobby Rader, Jr.
Sheriff- Will Cox

Constable- Pct 1 Timothy Allison
Constable- Pct 1 A.W. Bowdoin

Constable- Pct 2 Juan Alfaro

Constable- Pct 3 Danny Frankum
Constable- Pct 3 Tommy Koen
Constable- Pct 3 Darrell Wayne Elliott

Constable- Pct 4 Robert Earl Thornton
Constable- Pct 4 Chad Pafford
Constable- Pct 4 Leroy Hanel

Constable- Pct 5 L.W. Despain

Constable- Pct 6 John Joslin
Constable- Pct 6 James McQueen

Justice of Peace Pct 1- Darla Smith Diaz
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Lawrence Wilson Wagnon
Justice of Peace Pct 1- John Wayne Wilson
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Roy Dwain House
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Libby Simonson

Commissioner Pct 1- Herbert Oreschnigg
Commissioner Pct 1- Mike McCarty

Commissioner Pct 3- Chance Ward
Commissioner Pct 3- Eddie C. Lowery
Commissioner Pct 3- David S. Whitmire
Commissioner Pct 3- Bobby K. Lum

County Chairman- Ken Coleman