Saturday, February 11, 2012


“The Eggplant That Ate Chicago” is a psychedelic jug band song about alien invasion by Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band. Recently, a citizen of Liberty County told Liberty Dispatch that the weird imagination and the deceptive rhetorical efforts of Fresno Texas’ own Robert Valdez efforts to shape Liberty County politics remind him of the this song that is on “top fifty list of all-time weirdest songs.” Here are some of the lyrics:

For he may eat your city soon.

You'd better watch out for the eggplant that ate Chicago,

If he's still hungry, the whole country's doomed.

He came from outer space, lookin' for somethin' to eat.

He landed in Chicago. He thought Chicago was a treat.

(It was sweet, it was just like sugar)

You'd better watch out for the eggplant that ate Chicago,

For he may eat your city soon (wacka-do, wacka-do, wacka-do)

You'd better watch out for the eggplant that ate Chicago,

If he's still hungry, the whole country's doomed...

When asked what specifically about the song reminds them of what they have read by, or read about Robert Valdez, here was the reply:

“Well, while Valdez is obviously one of Sheriff Patterson’s biggest fans, there is not much else about him that will be remembered here after Liberty County votes in the April primary. It is like he and his buddy Fuddy and his amigo Eddie feel like they are some grand accomplished conquering special ops team invading Liberty County under cover of darkness and anonymity. When it is all said and done most people in this community will never have read one word of his blogging or have even a hint of all of his lame investigating, but right now he and his whacko friends are roaming around like they should be feared and like they have single-underhandedly made it clear to us all that Henry Patterson is the greatest sheriff in the universe.”

Voters in Liberty County may only know of Robert “Eggplant” Valdez because of reading about him on here. Unless his wacka-do world successfully twists the election in Liberty County, this article may be the only claim to fame he has in Liberty County to any kind of fame.

Good night “Eggplant”. Try to go to sleep even though you are excited someone mentioned your name again.

Dear Liberty Dispatch.

In a world full of irony and in an election year full of deception, I must say we have some folks here in Liberty County that have some nerve to ask voters to believe their crazy nonsense. The most recent nonsense they are promoting is that this website has constantly aimed its criticism at the deputies in the Liberty County Sheriff’s department.

Liberty Dispatch has written and written and written about Sheriff Patterson and what they have called a cult-like group of men that are influencing him and they have not once in the two years I have been reading pointed their writing at any of the deputies in the Liberty County Sheriff’s department. They have talked about the morale in the department created by an almost endless investigation of their own department by Sheriff Patterson and Steve Green. They have questioned and poked at the decisions made to hire captains from outside the county that already have problems on their work records.

Is he serious? Is Sheriff Patterson actually going to sit quietly and allow his campaign team to deflect the criticism many of us have for him and his leadership and his choices towards the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect and serve? Is he going to push the complaints about him over to the men and women who make less than half of what he is paid and who are just trying to put food on the table for their families and keep their bills paid?

And is he going to allow this crazy attempt that passes on negative implications about the department to the lowest rookie deputy on the totem pole so his political team can try to sell him as their defender? You have to be kidding me. The deputies in the LCSO have a pretty good reputation these days. I have gone back and looked at Liberty Dispatch’s articles about the LCSO and they are almost all zeroed in on the leadership.

So here is a suggestion to our sheriff. Stop the politics. Show up for work. Show up at crime scenes. Show up to things that show your deputies you care. Tell your media consultants to take a break. Talk to the public yourself and let us know what is happening in the criminal world. I can see why you probably don’t like Liberty Dispatch, but please realize real live people write into and read this website and you have a whole lot of changes you need to make to earn the support we freely gave you last election.

Name withheld due to possible reprisals by Henry Patterson and his cult group supporters.

Friday, February 10, 2012


From its inception, one of the main goals of Liberty Dispatch was to tell the other side, or the rest of the story that was never carried by a local media that seemed perfectly satisfied with having a leadership role in protecting the good ole boy system in Liberty County. That goal was accomplished early on as people wrote in to the comment section and began to voice their concerns and their suspicions and their experiences that up until the advent of this medium were never given a place to be seen and heard by a larger audience. While Liberty Dispatch has never claimed to be perfect and the comment section has been an easy target to be criticized as everything from “just the comments of a small handful of radical misfits” to “people spreading unfounded gossip”, we should all be able to now say the other side of many situations is no longer buried under the ego and agenda of a few “news people”.

In an odd twist, Liberty Dispatch is now aware that we were used and abused by one individual and we inadvertently had the effect some of the local media has purposely had for many years around here. The effect referred to here is the effect a media outlet can have as an intimidator or as someone everyone tries to stay on the good side of. That can be a good thing, if that role is used to encourage people to do the right thing. In fact, the whole concept of the freedom of the press protected in the Bill of Rights is to force people to always consider what they are doing could have the scrutiny of the public eye because tomorrow’s newspaper may tell the world about it.

Now that more people are beginning see that Liberty Dispatch has become one of the main targets of the threats and intimidation of Eddie Shauberger as he brags about spending his time and efforts working on “Outsider investigations” for Henry Patterson, we are starting to hear things we never knew went on with Shauberger. More specifically, we are beginning to hear that Shauberger has enjoyed intimidating people long before he and the Outsiders started all of their “investigations” aimed at our local citizens.

Tuesday February 7, 2012 Liberty Dispatch began to hear from law enforcement about Shauberger:

“It had gotten so bad out in Hardin that if there was a Shauberger involved, I passed the case on …….” one member of the Liberty County Sheriff told us.

After multiple troubling events having to do with one of Shauberger’s sons and law enforcement deciding to just back off and not do what they normally would do because of Shauberger’s intemperate threating attitude, the law finally was forced to confront the growing Shauberger problem. The boy was finally arrested for breaking into a church and the school.

A law enforcement officer told us this week that he knew if Eddie Shauberger was involved and he was confronted in an incident, he felt it was probably not worth confronting him because of all of the trouble Shauberger could cause.

When asked what kind of trouble, the officer looked up and said, “It use to be trouble on the internet.” When asked about what kind of trouble now, the officer said, “let me put it this way, I would rather someone else deal with that man.” When asked if the officer was referring to Shauberger’s friendship with Sheriff Patterson, the officer declined to comment further.

Liberty Dispatch was founded to give WE THE PEOPLE a chance to effectively confront public officials’ abuse of office and misuse of the power and assets taxpayers entrust them with and to fill the hole a complacent and sometimes complicit local media has left open. Shauberger used, and is stilling using, different people to achieve his own selfish and sometimes perverted goals. While it is true it took a parting of the ways with Shauberger before we heard of his bullying, we are now aware of his behavior. We wish we had been told these stories before, but we are glad to no longer count ourselves among his list of enablers.

We challenge Sheriff Patterson to publicly disavow Shauberger and to distance himself and any efforts Shauberger and the Outsiders have from our sheriff’s office. We also challenge Sheriff Patterson to publicly lay down the law and to enforce it concerning anyone doing “investigations” in the name of Liberty County and anyone violating the civil rights of anyone in this community.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CANDIDATE: Libby Simonson for JP 1

Libby Simonson is pleased to announce her candidacy in the upcoming Republican Primary Election.

She is seeking the position of Justice of the Peace Liberty County Precinct 1. Libby will be on the ballot in boxes 5, 6, 18, 19 and 27.

This is a judicial position that requires real life experiences and common sense.

Libby Simonson will be tough on dangerous criminals and repeat offenders, but will be compassionate with families in conflict. The Justice of the Peace sets the amount of bonds and she will protect your family.

Libby is a strong advocate for public safety and will make a difference and keep your family safe. Libby will work closely with the District Judges to ensure that no bond is set too low.

She will listen carefully and will rule fairly based on the law and the facts.
Libby Simonson currently serves the citizens of the City of Liberty as a City Councilwoman.

She is a college graduate with a degree in Business and has been a successful small business owner for over 30 years.

Libby has lived in Liberty County for over 30 years. She is married to Al Simonson.

Libby and Al have a large family and have always worked diligently in and with the community.

Libby Simonson is a serious candidate and is a strong and decisive individual who will work hard to make our community a safe community.

Libby Simonson asks for your support and vote in the upcoming Republican Primary for the position of Justice of the Peace Liberty County Precinct 1.

Monday, February 06, 2012


James Farmer, the Houston attorney recruited by Sheriff Henry Patterson’s campaign gurus, has failed to file the campaign finance report that was due weeks ago. According to officials within the County Clerk’s office, Farmer called and admitted he knew it was overdue. He was referred to the internet to get the blank forms, but he continues to be missing in action.

According to eye witnesses, the residence James Farmer claims in his campaign finance report continues to be empty. This mysterious man from Houston continues to fuel speculation that Sheriff Henry Patterson will either abandon his bid for re-election or distance himself from the people who have caused so much chaos in his campaign by pulling in Farmer and making other major tactical blunders such as telling voters to vote for everyone Liberty Dispatch was against. Or announcing his intention to run for District Attorney and then signing up to run for County Attorney. Strange moves by strange people.

The public is yet to see a picture of James Farmer or a political sign but Liberty Dispatch has been told repeatedly that money is no object to the people driving the Patterson and Farmer campaign.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


The oak tree has always been a symbol of strength and resilience and deep rooted permanence. Oak Island, the small coastal community a few miles south of Anahuac and the community hit hardest by Hurricane Ike, wears the name of the mighty tree well as they continue to provide sanctuary to people after the storm. Oak Island has not only survived the bad weather, they have strengthen their culture and given their community more choices and one of the most obvious examples of that is obvious as you drive through town and look at the new construction on the left.

Long after Ike has blown threw and long after all of the government money has been spent and the news cameras have shown the carnage of the disaster, anyone traveling to Oak Island can look at a flat, previously barren field and see how hope for many has begun to spring forth on long solid peers of wood anchored above the flood plain. Mark and Darlene Pagels have stood tall in their community as they have clung to the all-powerful God they serve through all of the struggles that have come, and continue to come Oak Island’s way. Like a port in the storm three crosses stand in the breeze of the gulf wind reminding us of the painful death Jesus endured with a thief on each side of Him. Behind the crosses passersby can see the tangible evidence of a church building, The Christian Fellowship Church, which was berthed long before by God Himself in the hearts of the Pagels. This place is a sanctuary where storms are kept on the outside, a place where the peace and joy of serving our mighty Creator is promoted by faithful servants.

The people of Oak island can look back at a time when their houses may have been lost but a time when many rediscovered their faith. This community may have smaller savings accounts but they have come through a historic storm and decided to build up their treasure by strengthening their faith. The Pagels are examples of a community that will never give up, but they instead they have decided to look up. The Christian Fellowship Church is a great place to invest one’s time and their efforts as God through His church seeks to show His love and His power in a sin torn world of hurting people.