Thursday, June 21, 2012

Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little to Run for Office

Sources close to Liberty Dispatch state that long time Democrat- Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little is set to run for Liberty County Judicial position in 2014.

Mike Little did not seek office again as Liberty County DA after three decades in office. As a result his hand picked replacement Logan Pickett ran as a Republican candidate and narrowly won that office against challenger Karen McNair.  This years election is the first time Logan Pickett has been associated with the local Republican Party.

Now sources close to Liberty Dispatch have stated that Mike Little's run for Liberty County/District judge is almost assured.

A Liberty County civil suit by petitioner Michael Lynn Blue against Mike Little states Mike Little traded sex for a favorable sentence.  There has not been any credible evidence to date that Mike Little traded sex with Michael Lynn Blue for anything.

Mike Little has been a controversial Democrat for many years with extreme political bias, it is believed he will turn to the Republicans for support. Mike Little's future with the state or local Republican Party is uncertain at this point.

(Incorrect prior related Mike Little story was posted here by accident and has been retracted/deleted.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Cleveland Pastor Aubrey Vaughan should have plenty of signatures from Cleveland residents to remove the city’s red light camera system by now. The petition is a proposed amendment to the city charter to remove the red light cameras.

Pastor Vaughan working with a local Tea Party group began collecting quite a few of the estimated 208 signatures they would need during the May 29th primaries. At last count the group had collected nearly 500 Cleveland residents' signatures. Their arguments against red light cameras have ranged from they are unfair and they violate our constitutional right to confront your accused. They have argued the whole idea behind these cameras is not safety, its revenue - the cameras collect money by ticketing residents and then the money is taken out of the community. They also are quick to add that according to their information, accidents have gone up after the installation. (There were more crashes in the first 25 days than in the entire 18 months before there were no cameras).

Liberty Dispatch believes this red light cameras issue is a non partisan issue and that anyone that believes in freedom should help Pastor Vaughan have the red light cameras taken out of Cleveland. There is a statewide epidemic of cities that are in a budget crisis turning to things like these cameras. Democrats, Republicans, and Tea Party members ought to join together and refuse to let people we elect (and people we employ) set up a system to collect money in a manner that is against WE THE PEOPLE’S will. How can local governments possibly argue that this is in the best interest of the taxpayer?

Why does government almost always turn to increasing revenue when they can’t pay for everything they want to do? How about controlling spending instead of going after victimless traffic violations? The government’s use of cameras should be highly restricted.

* Please note: One of the final efforts to get signatures will take place June 23, 2012 beginning at the Entrance driveway to Wal-Mart at 10:00 am.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Former Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman and perhaps the most politically partisan county judge we have ever had, now says he is a Republican. Well isn’t that special. If our readers accept that, then Kirkham will have had the amazing good fortune of always being in the majority party.

Unfortunately, Kirkham can not simply make a statement like he has about switching political parties to change all of the damage he caused when he was the chief economic officer in the county. Since he no longer holds office (at age 70), we can’t really judge whether his decision making would be Republican-like if he were in office today. But as a Democrat and a county judge, Kirkham’s tax and spend way of doing business has now caught up to Liberty County. As the Reverend Jeremiah Wright said, "the chickens have come home to roost."  And now his disrespect for taxpayers’ money is surpassed in the damage that it did only by his willful avoidance of responsibility.

One of the most memorable quotes from the days when Lloyd Kirkham was in charge is when before a political debate during his 1994 election bid he said, “ Make sure there are no questions about the law, those questions are too hard.”

Just like our previous article, Kirkham wanted to avoid anything he thought was difficult – like his responsibility in the juvenile justice system. Some might say Kirkham was a back slapping, backroom wheeler dealer. But he was not even skilled enough to take on that description. He was too wimpy to have the backbone to be tough in negotiation. He used the power of the dominate Democrat party and the spell they had over the media to cover his mistakes. And he made a habit of caving into run away spending and borrowing and used bonds and the appraisal district to raise the needed tax increases to pay for it all.

Some may wonder why Kirkham’s name is coming up now. His name is coming up now because many of the problems we will face as a county in the next few years were clearly caused directly by Kirkham’s actions (or by his inaction).

History reveals that it was County Judge Lloyd Kirkham who led the way to adding another layer of bureaucracy (and that means expense) to the county jails when he pushed for privatization. As poor of a student as Kirkham was, he would likely call privatizing the jail a page out of the Republican play book. In his overly simple and very troubling way of analyzing things, it is likely he would repeat and misapply this axiom: “Government never has done anything as well as the private sector.”

Years ago, a handful of people a great deal brighter than Kirkham should have applied this principle instead of obligating the city of Liberty to a share of the ownership of a coal burning plant. Their mistake gave us years and years of some of the most expensive electrical rates in the state. These self appointed geniuses should have been suspicious that real close to zero counties the size of Liberty owned their own energy producing plant.

But Kirkham has done just the opposite. He should have asked another question:

“In the history of conservatism, has the obligation of administering the responsibilities of the jails been something Republicans argued should have been farmed out?”

But Lloyd “Tookie” Kirkham was a Democrat when this happened. His decision received the traditional blessing of the local media. And he and the commissioner bragged about all of the money paying someone else to manage the jail would save – and, of course, they immediately began shopping for how they could spend “the savings.”

Kirkham has been retired for over six years. But the messes he made are not retired, yet. Republicans warned the public about what Kirkham was doing during those days. But for twelve years the man continued to dig a hole. Now it is time to go to work and climb out of it.

If Kirkham really wants to help the Republican Party now, he should keep the grass mowed at his house, maybe play some horse shoes, and stay out of politics. Kirkham was the beginning of the end of the Democratic Party. We would like Republicans to leave a different legacy. Not one of a controlled media making things sound like they are okay. But a legacy of true progress and success that make this a county our children may want to live in when they are on their own.

Lloyd Kirkham- Destroyer of Budgets
"Be the head honcho or the king at your own house and leave us alone."