Friday, July 20, 2012


When there was an opportunity to speak on behalf of a candidate Aubrey Vaughn, the Cleveland man that has formed and currently leads an independent Tea Party group with a handful of members from the tri-county area in north Liberty County rose to speak. He spoke on behalf of Steve Stockman and recommended voters in this community support him in the July 31st run-off. Liberty Dispatch respectfully disagrees and, while we continue to agree with Aubrey mission to rid Cleveland of red light cameras, we are also concerned that this Tea party continues to appear to be at odds on selecting candidates with many local Republicans (including those who identify with the Tea Party movement – an example is Aubrey support for Henry Patterson over Bobby Rader in the sheriff’s race).

Steve Stockman and Steven Takach are the two Republicans left in the run-off. They are both conservatives and both are near identical in their positions on issues. If researched, voters will find neither candidate is likely to be influenced by Washington D.C. to be more liberal. With that said, Liberty Dispatch is mystified as to why Aubrey would be pushing for voters to vote for Stockman. Stockman’s campaign has tried to muddy the voters view of Takach with negative and misleading ads but Steven Takach’s stance on the issues is easy to know and similar to Stockman’s. Stockman has tried to act like he has a superior stance on the second amendment, but he only has a routine endorsement that the NRA gives to an incumbent or someone who has held office before that supports their issue. Takach has the highest rating the NRA gives.

It remains baffling why Aubrey endorses Takach. Candidate Takach is not close personal friends with anyone at Liberty Dispatch, but he is from Liberty County. He lived here for years. He has a great deal of family that still lives here. He has had a strong connection with Liberty County since he was in ninth grade. Steve Stockman has never lived here. He would not even have his name on our ballot except that re-districting left us tied the area he calls home.

There is absolutely no need to say anything more about Stockman. He is a good guy, a Christian, a true conservative, and a patriot. But Liberty Dispatch hopes people realize Takach is no different in any of those areas and he is from here. On top of that, Stephen Takach’s area of expertise is money management and economics. He is exactly what we need to be sending to Congress during these times. Let’s cut through the last minute desperate attempts to get votes and send him up there to work with Ted Poe and company!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liberty County GOP responds to liberal blog...

Below are excerpts from a story as posted on the Liberty County Republican (GOP) Website concerning comments made by liberal/democrat blogger Allen Youngblood.

For the record: "Liberty Dispatch agrees and supports the Liberty County GOP's position concerning Youngblood's story."

The Link to the story on the GOP website is located at the end of this story.

I-DineOut Gets it Wrong
Jul.17, 2012 in Blog, Local

In the article, “Judge McNair Informs County Employees What to Expect – LIBERTY, July 16, 2012″ , I-DINEOUT stated:

“County Judge Craig McNair in his own Power Point presentation to the audience indicated that from 2007 through 2009 County Government spent less than it’s income and lived well within their means. However, in 2010 and even more so in 2011 County Government spent millions more than their income greatly reducing the county’s fund balance that had taken more than a decade or more to build and create."

It was on January 1, 2010 that County Judge Craig McNair and new first term County Commissioner Charlotte Warner took Office and along with Commissioner Norman Brown became the majority in Commissioners Court."

Secondly, Judge McNair sighted a second reason for the County being in such a financial struggle and that was due to the tremendous amount of borrowing money greatly increasing the debt of the county. According to his presentation the County owes $23,345,275.00 million dollars which if paid on time won’t be paid off until 2028 some 12 years from today.” —

FACT: The article leaves it to the reader’s imagination as to who is to blame, but implies that Republican Commissioner Warner and County Judge McNair are at fault. The article got it wrong. Republicans did not take office until January of 2011! And, the article failed to mention that these debt obligations were in fact, enacted by the Democrats prior to Republicans taking office! I-DINEOUT also failed to note that these obligations, along with increasing health care expenditures are the reasons for the deficit spending by the current office holders.

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Monday, July 16, 2012


In Part 1 of our series “Allen Youngblood is an Idiot” we pointed out how local liberal bomb thrower Allen Youngblood doesn’t give any credit to the voters. In short, he seems to think the voters are stupid and that recent wholesale changes in elected officials is evidence the county is going backwards instead of making progress. While Youngblood seems to be trying to overcome recent scandals and defeats at the ballot box, the majority of voters in Liberty County have continued to vote for change. As we wrote earlier, while many see this as a hopeful time in our community’s history, Youngblood is steadily spinning out cobwebs of disinformation as his reports tie facts with fiction and include as targets people who are actually doing their job well.

In Part 1, we called readers’ attention to an ongoing and partisan attack by Youngblood on County Judge Craig McNair. While Liberty Dispatch waited patiently for Youngblood and the rest of the local media to point out problems with the very cunning Phil Fitzgerald before federal investigators made the former county judge’s problems impossible to hide, we have watched as the same “reporter” imagines Judge McNair should be blamed for just about everything he can imagine. Youngblood even blames our Honorable Judge Craig McNair for Fitzgerald fiascos’.

Our second example of the kind of distortion Youngblood is peddling is his attacks on Liberty County’s County Clerk, Paulette Williams. He has made several efforts to make her look incompetent. It may be that Youngblood’s attacks on two local Republicans, Judge McNair and Ms. Shivers, are meant to help gain a few local votes for Barack Obama or the few local Democrats running locally. But just as Liberty Dispatch has always welcomed rebuttals concerning elected officials, we are sure our readers will welcome rebuttals concerning Youngblood’s victims.

Though our County Clerk has been graciously quiet, Ms. Shiver’s rebuttal came in many forms the other night. The lies and distortions Youngblood would have this community believe were not mentioned initially as our Liberty County Republican Chairman, Ken Coleman publically praised Paulette for her conservative and wise handling of the election finances and for her leadership in conducting a near perfect primary election. But after the applause died down for Paulette, people were correcting the record, or should I say the falsifications from Youngblood’s blog.

One person in attendance said he knew it was all Youngblood’s usual stuff because one of the people running would have gotten a refund if the story were true. Law enforcement officials said the election wasn’t perfect, but it was the opposite of what Youngblood implied. The hand count made the results only “one” more vote from the changing the results.

Stay tuned for Part III of “Allen Youngblood is an Idiot” and read how he is trying to convince you to vote for his candidate in the next elections.