Saturday, October 06, 2012


Obama is a Liar!

Forget about whether the Democrats have been able to somehow manufacture a report that drops the unemployment rate below 8% for the first time in almost four years. The numbers in the new report using the method of calculating that absolutely makes Obama look as good as he can possibly look are downright scary for anyone who studies economics.

The figures they are reporting are not even including people who work 5 hours a week or many other groups that are not making enough money to live on. If you include these groups, the number of “unemployed” booms from 12.5 million to 27 million.

By the way, the number of Americans who haven’t looked for work in a year but who still want jobs declined slightly in this morning’s report, from 6,957,000 to 6,727,000. Four more years of this kind of “recovery” and there will not be enough people with money to spend to make even the healthiest of businesses survive.

The good news is more and more voters are catching on to who Obama really is and who Romney really is. They are radically different in their views of how to march forward and lead in the most success country in the history of the world. Obama wants to “change” course and “hope” that what has never worked in history, a top down, trickle down, all powerful government will be acceptable to a society that has always valued freedom over convenience. Or a capitalistic, market driven society that believes that government has a role, but it should not dominate its citizens.

Dear Editor

Two new terms should forever be remembered for this time in our nation’s history. “Obamanomics” and Trickle Down Government”.

The only question left to determine is whether history records we survived the most liberal President in history or whether these terms are used to explain our downfall as a nation.

I urge every voter to go the polls early and embrace every Republican on the ballot rather than risk strengthening the party that has openly embraced spending this county and this country into oblivion.

We need to reject the concept that we are all like little chicks waiting for Mother Government to come drop a little worm’s portion of our own paycheck into our lives so we can live.