Friday, October 26, 2012


Democrats have tried to gloss over observations and criticisms of our “hope and change” President when it has been pointed out numerous times how boring and mistake prone he is without a teleprompter. But guess what happen – DEBATE number one. He didn't have a teleprompter, and so his failure in that debate underscored the truth in the cliché that the prompter is a kind of umbilical cord for him, something that provides nourishment, the thing he needs to sound good. He is not by any means a stupid man but he has become a boring one; he drones, he is predictable, it's never new. Just like the teleprompter adds substance, or at least safety, the lack of it brought many questions. What was the “hope and change” he promised? Has he delivered? Are we to expect more of the same if he is re-elected?
Mr. Obama is portrayed as having the appearance and presentation of an academic or intellectual while being strangely clueless in his reading of political situations and dynamics. He has even had messianic qualities bestowed upon him by some. But he is as far fronm flawless as any President we have had in our lifetime. He is bad at negotiating—in fact doesn't know how. He has borrowed trillions of dollars from China and from the printing press and not moved the unemployemnt numbers at all. He has taken the opportunties of a generation provided by the Arab spring and screwed up the Middle East. His confidence is consistently greater than his acumen, his arrogance greater than his grasp.
Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is much the opposite. He is modest and his conversation tends to center around problem solving more than the “me me me” we have heard from Obama for years. Despite the fact Obama and Romney are both millionaires, Obama making his money through politics and Romeny in the private sector, Romney has many times over given money to charity compared to Obama. Romney’s academic background of acing Harvard business school and law school simukltaneously, leaves Democrats silent with their usual lies about Republicans. The sales pitch they had on George W. was a pre-determined script with Donkey party  promoted lies about a Yale graduate and that read more books while in office than most Presidents. Perhaps the lack of a Southern accent has made them stay away from the dumb redneck stuff on Romney.
So what are we left with to make us want to send someone back for four more years who has not only failed in his frst four years, but whose head may not be small enough to fit through the White House doors if he were to get one more vote than his opponent? Will Obama stress Romney’s Mormonism in the closing days and hope the whole Jeremiah Wright thing isn’r revisited? Will he try to excite the masses over how historic it would be to re-elect an African American for the first time in history? Tell us Mr. President. Why would we set ourselves up for four more years? Why?