Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Liberty Dispatch makes it onto Texas Conservative Republican News

Liberty Dispatch has made it onto the blogroll of the "Texas Conservative Republican News" site.  The TCRN site is one of the leading Texas Republican news sources in the State of Texas.

Please be sure to visit them them at http://www.texasconservativerepublicannews.com/

Liberty Dispatch- No apologies- Republican Proud!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sheriff Elect Bobby Rader- The Rescue of Liberty County

A review board has been set up by incoming Liberty County Sheriff elect Bobby Rader.  The review board has been setup to screen current and prospective personnel of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.  The review board is comprised of Local Texas Ranger Frank Huff, Texas Equusearch Investigator and former LCSO Captain Ken Defoor and others.

According to sources, Liberty County’s outlying areas are now in a state of emergency due to the lack of patrol officers and administration of acting Sheriff Henry Patterson.   Also, sources state that Captain Steve Greene has harassed and run off most of the good officers at the LCSO.

Sheriff Elect Rader has taken an interest in making the important transition even before his entering the Sheriff’s Office.  Bobby Rader has shown he truly has the interest of Liberty County at heart and the reason he received a virtual mandate in his election over Henry Patterson.  True to form, Henry Patterson has abandoned the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the people of Liberty County.

Sheriff Elect Rader will be sworn in to office the first week of January 2013.

Contributor, Ray Akins